On-Line: Become a Veterinary Assistant II: Canine Reproduction

Course Number:ZOLNE2G01
Begin Date:2022-05-18
End Date:2022-07-08
Days/Times:null Anytime, Day or Night
Number of Sessions:12
Description:Whatever your motives for wanting a litter of puppies, Canine Reproduction for Breeders is the definitive guide to the principles of sound dog breeding. Written by a practicing veterinarian, this course provides both established and would-be breeders with the knowledge and practices you'll need to succeed in your goal of responsibly producing healthy puppies. In today’s world, people do extensive research about breeds and breeders before they purchase a puppy. To meet the demands of potential clients, you must be well-versed in the complexities of canine reproduction and fully educated to deal with the challenges. Good breeding stock is the foundation of every successful breeding program. This course will prepare you to assess candidates not only for conformation, but also for health. You'll understand the importance of a good reproductive examination and how to screen candidates for hereditary conditions such as hip dysplasia and eye diseases. Once you've selected the dogs you wish to breed, you'll learn how to prepare them for breeding with the help of proper nutrition, good parasite control, and appropriate vaccination programs. You'll also study the hormonal cycle of the female dog in depth, giving you the ability to identify the optimal time for breeding (for both natural mating and artificial insemination). And if your dog fails to conceive, you'll have a full understanding of potential causes. Once your dog has been confirmed pregnant, you'll be well-prepared to meet her needs and make preparations for whelping. You'll know what is normal, when you should intercede, and--perhaps most importantly--when you should seek professional help. Following whelping, you'll understand how to identify postpartum complications, and you'll be able to meet your puppies' every need to ensure they reach weaning time in good health. Requirements: Internet access, e-mail, and Netscape or Internet Explorer Web browser. The only other requirement is an interest in responsible breeding practices that promote the health of breeding dogs and their puppies.
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