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This camp is intended for kids ages 9-14 years old. The camp will be facilitated by staff from Nerd Street Gamers. Each camp day revolves around camp staff putting campers through intervals of free play and group activities/exercises. During free play campers may play age appropriate games available to them. Group activities are off-screen and focus on teamwork, problem solving, and communication. Group activities also get the campers moving with games like Memory Madness, Speed Trivia, and Video Game Charades.

LocationStart DateEnd DateDays/TimesSessionsTuitionHoursRegister
Esports Arena Campus Center07/24/202307/28/2023M-F
5$285251. Print, complete, and mail in the Registration Form
2. Payment can be mailed with the Registration Form OR you may pay online here:
Please note: Registration is not complete until we receive the Registration Form and payment. Questions? Please call (570) 740-0480.

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