Accessibility Services - Accomodations - Grievance Procedures

LCCC is required to provide reasonable accommodations. If an accommodation is deemed to be unreasonable or if it places undue hardship on the college it may not be granted.

It is a student's responsibility to request accommodations promptly at the beginning of each semester. The Counselor of Accessibility Services then has 10 working days to implement reasonable accommodations.

If accommodations are requested at any time other than the beginning of each semester, the accommodations are valid starting on the date the accommodations are arranged and disclosed to the instructor. Accommodations will not be applied to the time period before the student self-disclosed/requested accommodations.

Once accommodations are in place, it is the student's responsibility to let Counselor of Accessibility Services know if he/she has an accommodation issue. Counselor of Accessibility Services will then have a discussion with the appropriate party to resolve the issue. Then, if necessary, the student, Counselor of Accessibility Services and the appropriate party, for example, the instructor, will meet and discuss the situation in order to ensure reasonable accommodations.

If a student has communicated his/her concerns to Counselor of Accessibility Services, but still believes their accommodation issues have not been resolved properly, a grievance procedure can be initiated by contacting the Section 504/ADA Coordinator, Graceann Platukus, RM 516A in Building 5.

Student Accessibility Services Grievance Procedure