Educational Conference Center

Go Green Initiatives

The Educational Conference Center (ECC) at Luzerne County Community College recognizes the importance of conservation and the 4 R's of Waste Management: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Recover. In an effort to "Go Green" the ECC has taken steps to participate in several Earth-friendly initiatives:

  • Installation of a new energy-efficient cooler and freezer equipped with energy-saving light bulbs
  • Recycling of cans and bottles throughout the building as well as the entire campus
  • Elimination of foam containers and other foam based products, replacing with paper whenever possible
  • The utilization of a more environmentally-friendly dish cleansing APEX Ecolab Washing System
  • Removal of unused, low-efficiency coolers
  • Installation of a high-efficiency coffee urn brewing system
  • Paper recycling throughout the building as well as the entire campus
  • Installation of a fountain beverage system to reduce container waste products