Today's economy makes it more difficult to find, hire and retain people with the right skills for your positions. Unless you have WorkKeys.

In the AMA 2003 Survey on Leadership Challenges, 49 percent of those responding indicated the recruiting, retaining and training talented employees is a top challenge. Let WorkKeys help recruit, retain, and train for your company.

What is WorkKeys?
WorkKeys is a three step skills assessment tool designed to ensure that you have the right people with the right skills staffing your key positions.

How is WorkKeys used?

  • Selection
  • Promotion
  • Training
  • Skill Analysis
  • Task Analysis
  • Curriculum Development

What are the components of WorkKeys?

  • Job Profiling
  • Assessments
  • Training

What are the benefits of WorkKeys?

  • Reduces overtime
  • Reduces turnover
  • Increases productivity
  • Compiles with EEOC content validity standards
  • Improves results of your training program
  • Identifies the right people for key positions
  • Increases workers skill levels
  • Meets ISO standards
  • Increases profits
  • Documents skills

What are people saying about WorkKeys?
"The WorkKeys assessments have proven to be a valuable tool in our recruitment process. It allows us the opportunity to ensure that all of our new hires possess the basic math and reading skills required to be successful in our workplace."

Armeter Ivory,
Zeus Industrial Products

What skills assessments are available?

  • Reading for information
  • Applied math
  • Locating information
  • Applied technology
  • Writing/Business Writing
  • Listening
  • Observation
  • Teamwork

What is job profiling?
Job profiling is a process which identifies the skills and levels of competencies needed for a particular job. Job profiling results in a comprehensive task list for a particular job.

What training is available?
On-site instructor lead and computer based training is available with proven results to upgrade the skills necessary for your jobs.

What is the Career Readiness Certificate?
Embedded in the WorkKeys program is an opportunity for individuals to earn a Career Readiness Certificate which serves as a standard and nationally portable measurement of basic workplace skills. The three WorkKeys' assessments that form the basis of the credential are Applied Mathematics, Locating Information, and Reading for Information. The Career Readiness Certificate is a portable skills credential, assuring employers that a job applicant actually has the basic skills they seek.

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