Luzerne County Community College's Public Safety Training Institute provides comprehensive, hands-on emergency response training. This facility allows the College to enhance the training provided to first responders as well as to business and industry by increasing their ability to assure safety and security of their facilities, employees and products. A wide variety of high quality safety and emergency training programs including a fire training building, confined space training area, smart classrooms, and driving course, at the modern 32-acre facility located adjacent to LCCC's Main Campus in Nanticoke.

  • Fire Fighting

    You have the bravery and strength! Now, get the life-saving skills you need to be a fire fighter!

  • Emergency Medical Services

    LCCC's PSTI provides comprehensive training to our Emergency Medical Service Professionals.

  • ACT 235

    Attain your ACT235 Lethal Weapons Training or ACT 235 Recertification with our experienced professional instructors.

  • Community Safety

    Let us facilitate your need to prepare for a crisis or disaster!

  • Law Enforcement

    LCCC's PSTI is committed to providing law enforcement professionals the best training available.

  • Truck Driving

    Commercial truck drivers are in high demand. Get the training you need and get out on the road!

Upcoming PSTI Courses
Course Title Start Date Tuition
Decision Making for Initial Company Operations2015-03-02$35Register
Introduction to the Fire Service2015-03-10$35Register
Fire Dynamics: Strategy and Tactics2015-03-12$10Register
ACT 235 - Lethal Weapons Basic2015-03-16$265Register
Emergency Vehicle Driver Training2015-03-16$35Register
ACT 235 - Upgrade to Firearms2015-03-19$100Register
ACT 235 - Lethal Weapons: Recertification2015-03-19$205Register
Hazmat Operation Refresher2015-03-21$25Register
Strategy and Tactics forInitialCompany Operations2015-03-23$45Register
Hazmat Awareness2015-03-24$15Register
Hazmat Awareness Certification2015-03-26$20Register
Home Firearms Safety Course2015-03-26$45Register
Fireground Support2015-03-29$55Register
Engine Company with live fire2015-04-06$50Register
Refuse to be a Victim2015-04-09$25Register
Basic Rigging for Rope Rescue2015-04-11$0Register
Exterior Firefighting2015-04-14$85Register
Firefighter 1 Certification2015-04-17$150Application
Candidate Handbook
Basement Fires2015-04-20$50Register
Refuse to be a Victim2015-04-23$25Register
Hazmat Operations Certification2015-05-01$100Register
NRA Basic Pistol Shooting2015-05-02$100Register
Firefighter Survival2015-05-04$35Register
Hazmat Operations 2015-05-05$45Register
ACT 235 - Lethal Weapons Basic2015-05-11$265Register
Home Firearms Safety Course2015-05-11$45Register
Vehicle Fire and Other Emergencies2015-05-12$45.0Register
ACT 235 - Lethal Weapons Re-Certification2015-05-14$205Register
ACT 235 - Lethal Weapons- Upgrade to Firearms2015-05-14$100Register
Confined Space Rescue2015-05-15$35Register
Interior Firefighting2015-05-19$90Register
Firefighter 2 Certification2015-05-22$150Application
Candidate Handbook
Bus Rescue2015-06-08$35.Register
NRA Basic Personal Protection inthe Home2015-06-20$100Register
ACT 235 - Lethal Weapons Basic2015-07-13$265Register
ACT 235 - Lethal Weapons- Upgrade to Firearms2015-07-16$100Register
ACT 235 - Lethal Weapons Re-Certification2015-07-16$205Register
Fundamentals of Traffic Collision Investigation2015-08-11$0Register
Hazmat Awareness2015-09-06$15Register
Hazmat Awareness Certification2015-09-10$25Register
ACT 235 - Lethal Weapons Basic2015-09-14$265Register
ACT 235 - Lethal Weapons: Recertification2015-09-17$205Register
ACT 235 - Upgrade to Firearms2015-09-17$100Register
Juvenile DUI/UAD2015-10-13$0Register
Sobriety Checkpoints - PA Only2015-10-14$0Register
Sobriety Checkpoint Refresher - PA Only2015-10-15$0Register
Firefighter 1 Certification2015-10-23$150Application
Candidate Handbook
Hazmat Operations Certification2015-11-06$100Register
ACT 235 - Lethal Weapons Basic2015-11-16$265Register
Vehicle Search and Seizure2015-11-17$0Register
Conducting the Complete Traffic Stops2015-11-18$0Register
High Risk Vehicle Stops2015-11-19$0Register
ACT 235 - Lethal Weapons Re-Certification2015-11-19$205Register
ACT 235 - Lethal Weapons- Upgrade to Firearms2015-11-19$100Register
Traffic Patrol Drug Interdiction2015-12-08$0Register
NIK Drug Field Testing2015-12-10$0Register