U.S. residents may request public records from the Right-to-Know Officer through Luzerne County Community College under the Right-to-Know Law, as amended, 65 P.S., sections 66.1 - 66.9. The guidelines for submitting Right-to-Know requests can be obtained by contacting the Right-to-Know Officer. Additional information about the Right-to-Know law can be obtained through the Office of Open Records. (

Right-to-Know request form

Right-to-Know Officer: Laura Katrenicz
Special Assistant to the President for Policy and Staff Development/
Right-to-Know Officer
Luzerne County Community College
Building #14
1333 South Prospect Street
Nanticoke, PA 18634
PHONE: (570) 740-0384
FAX: (570) 740-0386

Appeals/Exceptions Officer: Sandra Nicholas
Executive Director, Institutional Advancement
Luzerne County Community College
Campus Center, Room 215
Nanticoke, PA 18634
FAX: (570) 740-0739