Making the Grade - Academic Progress Policy

Federal regulations require institutions, which participate in the Title IV Programs to have a written and enforceable Academic Progress Policy. This policy must be applied consistently to all students, even those who are not currently receiving federal aid. The latter can be potential future recipients. It must also encompass each student's entire tenure at his or her institution.

The Title IV programs at Luzerne County Community College include the Federal Pell Grant, Federal Work/Study program, Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant, Federal Stafford Loans, and Federal Plus Loans.

The regulations governing academic progress have established a maximum time frame for program completion and funding. This time frame cannot exceed one hundred and fifty percent (150%) of the number of credits required for graduation. This time frame is prorated for a part time student. The minimum completion rate must allow a student to complete a program within the maximum time frame. A student is required to complete seventy five percent (75%) of all credits attempted each academic year. Remember that grades of W, I, F, and P or R for developmental course work are counted as attempted credits. Because a completion rate of seventy five percent may produce a fraction, the minimum required will be rounded high if .5 or greater and low if below .5. For example, the required minimum for thirty (30) credits attempted during the academic year would be 30 X .75 = 22.5. It would be required that the student complete at least 23 credits to fulfill the quantitative requirement.

The qualitative measure of progress is as follows: Credit Hours Attempted Minimum Required Grade Point Average
- 0 - 18 1.50
- 19 - 36 1.70
- 37 - 54 1.90
- 55 plus 2.00

Academic progress will be reviewed at the end of the spring semester of each academic year. The exception to this will be all students enrolled in programs of less than two (2) years in length. These students will be reviewed after one major semester of enrollment. This includes diploma and certificate programs. If the student does not meet the above stated requirements, he/she will not receive federal funds for the following semester.

The Director of Financial Aid must approve any exceptions to the above written policy due to extenuating circumstances.

PHEAA State Grant

Students are required to make satisfactory progress. For each academic year (fall, spring and/or summer term) during which State Grant aid is received, a student must successfully complete the minimum total number of credits appropriate to the student’s enrollment status during the terms for which State Grant aid was received. The minimum number of credits to be completed for a full-time semester is 12. A part-time student would be required to complete 6.