Woodcut Selfies

Nov 21, 2016 to Dec 31, 2016

This exhibition is about the beauty of imperfections and the process of trying to improve them.. These 28 woodcut prints are by far not perfect. Some are printed crooked, improperly inked, or run off the page. Some have creases and tears and wrinkles. They are all works in process, but even so, they are all still beautiful. While working on these woodcuts, each of the artists spent many long hours studying the curves and lines of their faces, appreciating what makes them unique.

These larger-than-life prints were made by the students of Bloomsburg University?s Printmaking Class. Come and enjoy their individuality and imperfections, appreciate the pain-staking time and work put into carving each line and mark, and then relate the stunning imperfections to your own life.

Sample Gallery
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