Chicks with Balls

Oct 25, 2014 to Dec 09, 2014
Opening Reception:
Friday, June 13, 2014 6:00-8:00pm

Judy Takács has been a painter of people for almost three decades. She focuses primarily on painting people with understanding, irony and a high degree of painterly realism.

Most recently, her work, and most specifically, her series "Chicks with Balls", has garnered national attention and acclaim.

In just the past few years, Takács has earned six "Best of Show" awards, has won an Ohio Arts Council Grant for Individual Artistic Excellence, has been honored with Signature Status by the Akron Society of Artists, and has been awarded and recognized by both the Portrait Society of America (PSoA) and The Art Renewal Center (ARC). This impressive short list of her achievements doesn't begin to illustrate the truly inspiring and extraordinary collection Takács has created.

Before the first "Chick" was painted, Judy spoke with a local art center about having a show there. At the time, most of her works were nude figures. This local, publicly funded art center would not display nude paintings. The director was frustrated by this provincial policy and jokingly referred to the decision-makers at city hall as "the sports guys," implying that the small town cares more about their high school sports than the visual arts.

Takács never did have a show there, but the seeds of an idea were planted. So, she played with the idea of what the "sports guys" would like. The first things that came to mind were paintings of ball... basketballs, footballs, baseballs. What if these balls were covering offending body parts? Thus, the idea for 'Chicks was Balls' was born.

Upon further reflection, Judy began to realize that her female friends didn't have much connection to literal balls, aside from the sports their children played. Yet, there was a different type of balls many of them did have. Takács explains, "...I discovered a whole lot of 'figurative balls'. My friends have shown strength, courage, determination, resiliency, persistence and unwavering faith in their personal goals and those of their families, often against incredibly difficult odds. We are not running countries or negotiating world peace, but we are the unsung heroines of our smaller, more ordinary lives."

There is the heart of this stunningly authentic, moving, and beautiful exhibition: the visual story of the strength, of the balls, of each of these women.

"There is great depth and complexity in the challenges my ladies have faced... ...And so I found a voice, and a purpose, and a vision for this project. Now I just needed to grow a pair myself and make the Chicks with Balls project happen in life as well as in paint."

And so she has. Judy Takács is certainly a chick with balls: exquisitely and authentically capturing contemporary women, telling their and our stories, and thereby, uniting us all and inspiring women everywhere to celebrate and embrace their story, their empowerment, or rather... ... their balls.

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