Computer Information Systems

Computer Information Systems
Associate of Science (Two year program)

The AS degree in Computer Information Systems (CIS) is designed to parallel the first two years of study required by similar majors offered at four-year colleges and universities. This program is designed for students planning to transfer to a four-year college or university for a bachelor's degree in Computer Science or Computer Information Systems. This program provides a strong foundation in computer programming. This degree will offer students an opportunity to pursue positions as entry-level Programmers, entry-level Database Programmers, Application Analysts, Programmer Analysts, Business Analysts, System Analysts, PC Support Specialists, Technical Support, and User Support Specialists, to name a few. (The decisions on the transferability of courses are made by the four-year college or university and differ from institution to institution. Students enrolled in this major should contact the Counseling and Advising Department early in their academic program to determine which courses will transfer to the college or university of their choice.)

A student enrolled in this major must receive a grade of 'C' or higher on those courses with the alpha-designator "CIS".

This program provides the student the opportunity:

  • to write computer programs in multiple languages.
  • troubleshoot various computer problems.

The graduate of this program is able to:

  • analyze, design, develop, test, and implement information systems to meet the functional objectives of a business.
  • demonstrate proficiency in programming languages.
  • use debugging techniques.
  • distinguish between hardware and software problems.

  • Job/Career Fair
    A great opportunity for our students to learn more about area businesses. It provides an opportunity for student to explore the major choice options. This event provides a way for students to engage with area business to discuss future career internships/job opportunities. Our alumni are invited to participate which gives students an opportunity to network and learn about the world of work.
  • Business Etiquette Luncheon
    The luncheon designed to inform students on how to dress and shake hands as well as eating and drinking at a luncheon. It will address small talk and conversation stoppers in additional to conversational zones.
  • Computer Club
    Our club works toward keeping students on top of the ever changing technology. It provides our students with the opportunity to learn more about the field of information technology and to network with people working in the IT field by gaining information through field trips and guest speakers, exploring job recruitment opportunities and practicing in social networking events.
  • Tech Tuesday
    Short presentations on technology topics. They are generally geared toward students interested in new technology.
  • Web Presentations (Webbies)
    The CIS department will show case our Web Development Technology students to the college and community. This event is set up much like an American Idol competition where the students will present their completed projects for various organizations in Northeast PA. Our distinguished expert panel of judges will be questioning and critiquing the students after they present their projects; and after a brief intermission, they will select the winner of the Web Development Technology Award (aka: Webbie Award).

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Required Courses / Recommended Sequence
CIS-110 - Computer Literacy and Applications, 3 credits
CIS-120 - PC Operating Systems with Microsoft Windows, 3 credits
CIS-163 - Programming with C#, 3 credits
ENG-101 - English Composition, 3 credits
FYE-101 - First Year Experience, 1 credits
Elective - Humanities Elective, 3 credits
CIS-114 - Database Analysis using Microsoft Access, 3 credits
CIS-145 - Internet Concepts with HTML, 3 credits
CIS-148 - Database Design with SQL, 3 credits
Elective - Health and Physical Ed Electives, 1 credits
or EMS-207 - Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (C.P.R.), 1 credits
MAT-121 - College Algebra, 3 credits
or Elective - Mathematics Elective, 3 credits
SPE-125 - Fundamentals of Speech, 3 credits
CIS-158 - Object Oriented Programming with C++, 3 credits
CIS-170 - Management Information Systems, 3 credits
CIS-265 - Internet Programming with PHP, 3 credits
MAT-107 - Basic Statistics, 3 credits
Elective - Science w/ lab sequence I, 4 credits
CIS-156 - Programming with JAVA, 3 credits
CIS-172 - System Analysis and Design, 3 credits
CIS-180 - Networking and Communications, 3 credits
Elective - Science Elective (3 cr), 3 credits
Elective - Social Science Elective, 3 credits

Total Credits for Degree: 63

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Computer Information Systems
Computer Information Systems
Computer Information Systems
Computer Information Systems
Computer Information Systems
Computer Information Systems
Computer Information Systems
Computer Information Systems
Computer Information Systems
Computer Information Systems
Computer Information Systems