Student Organizations / Clubs

The Office of Student Life & Athletics is your place to get started building your Luzerne community and making new friends through a variety of campus involvement opportunities. There are over 20 student clubs and organizations to pick from, ranging from Student Government Association to the WSFX radio club to the student veterans' club. Don't see a club that matches your interests? Stop by Campus Center, Room 208 and find out how to start your own club!

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Adult Learners Association - provides a support group for adult students through community service projects, fund raising and yearly field trips.
Advisor: Bonnie Lauer -, 570-740-0734

Art Club: To promote interest in the fine arts among students.
Advisor: Sheena Dalley -

Brothers and Sisters in Christ (BASIC) - provides a place to find others who are seeking spiritual truth through Christianity to provide purpose in their lives
Advisor: Machelle Smith - (570) 740-0733

Business Club - the purpose of the Business Club is to enhance the learning and experience of Business majors by participating in business activities such as speakers, site visits and training. It is also to encourage the networking of Business majors amongst their peers and business professionals.
Advisor: Lori Dunn - (570) 740-0568

Computer Club - to provide students with the opportunity to learn more about the field of information technology and to network with people working in the IT field by gaining information through field trips and guest speakers, exploring employment opportunities and job requirements, and participating in events.
Advisor: Earl Weidner -

Drama Club - To identify and unify students who enjoy theatre arts and provide outlets for further exploration and involvement into many creative and definitive branches.
Advisor: TBD

Educators of Tomorrow - To help educators of the future learn more about the field of education through event planning, field trips and exploring employment opportunities in the field of education.
Advisor: Kate Zielinski - (570) 740-0684

Gaming Club - provides members a learning opportunity in the areas of gaming reason and logic across the vast array of consoles, boards, and desks.
Advisor: Michael Shatley - (570) 740-0304
Advisor: Evan Wasilewski - (570) 740-0304

Great Expectorations for Respiratory Therapy - promote professionalism and educational development of students enrolled in the Respiratory Therapy Program through peer mentoring, field trips, community service, philanthropy and professional involvement.
Advisor: John Conrad - (570) 740-0318

History Club - to expand opportunities for students to learn about, experience and enjoy history through field trips, films and other activities
Advisors: Main Campus - Jeff Schultz - (570) 740-0511
Shamokin Campus - Michelle Jacobs- (570) 590-6884

Horticulture Club - To promote the field of horticulture both on campus and in the community
Advisor: Murali Panen - (570) 740-0285

Human Services Club - To promote activities that increase awareness of social issues such as inequality on campus and in the greater community as well as to increase knowledge of the human service profession through networking events.
Advisor: TBA

Literary Arts Club - to promote the acquisition of knowledge and appreciation of literature and the arts in many and various forms through promotion of leadership activities and community service and involvement. Each year the Club publishes the online magazine, Augustine.
Advisor: Holly Ellis - (570) 740-0600

NAACP - To ensure the political, educational, social, and economic equality of minority groups; To promote diversity and cultural awareness at Luzerne County Community College
Advisors: Ron Strothers - (570) 740-0440

Nursing Forum - to provide a means of interaction to explore common interest, issues and goals in order to expand knowledge in the field of nursing.
Advisors: Main Campus Tracy Glaser - (570) 740-0574
Shamokin: Danese Brokenshire - (570) 740-0571
Honesdale: Christina Simon - (570) 740-0299

Photo Club - to provide an opportunity for students to progress and develop both artistically as well as technically in photography by encouraging the professionalism, competence and discipline in the art of photography.
Advisor: Mark James - (570) 740-0738

Psychology Club - a group that welcomes those intrigued by thought processes and behaviors. This is a social forum open regardless of major for those interested in gaining knowledge, researching, and discussing psychology in its many differing views. The Psychology Club also partners with Psi Beta service activities. This club hosts a number of events while exploring the world through a psychological lens.
Advisors: Main Campus - Janis Seeley - (570) 740-0685
Shamokin Campus - Stephen Roman -

SAFE (Student Alliance for Equality) - create a safe space for members of the LGBTQ community and their allies to learn about one another, the community as a whole and that they can do as individuals or as a group to further the cause of inclusion and equality in society.
Advisor: Cindy Malkemes - (570) 740-0498

Science Club - promotes the field of science both on campus and in the community
Advisor: Jason Koval - (570) 740-0503

Student American Dental Hygienist Association - to cultivate, promote and sustain the art and science of dental hygiene and to contribute toward the improvement of the health of the public.
Advisor: Patricia Bieski -

Student Empowerment Coalition - To focus on making positive changes in the local community and on campus.
Advisor: Andrea Pabon - (570) 740-0528

Student Government Association - represents each student in the best interests of the college and the community. The organization will be responsible for guiding and directing student activities subject to the regulations of the college administration.
Advisor: Kristen Corcoran -
Berwick SGA: Kellee Rumbough - (570) 759-3900
Shamokin SGA: Lori Laniewski - (570) 648-2544

TV-LCCC - provides a way for students to gain hands-on experience in television production. The station also produces a number of special presentations of various campus events, many for DVD and web distribution.
Advisor: Tom McHugh - (570) 740-0630

Veterans' Club - To provide a social group setting to help veterans adjust and become successful in college life.
Advisor: Laura Kapalka - (570) 740-0351

WSFX Radio Club - offers an opportunity to students to further their interest in radio broadcasting as a curriculum choice or an extra curricular activity. Offers students on air music shifts, sports broadcasting, news reporting opportunities and other opportunities associated with radio broadcasting.
Advisor: Ron Reino - (570) 740-0632 WSFX Online