Strategic Plan 2022-2026

Strategic Plan 2022-2026: Get Ready for Success provides the framework for Luzerne County Community College to achieve its mission and goals. The Plan is the product of collaboration among faculty, staff, students, and community members who engaged in reflective analysis, data evaluation, and thought-provoking conversations during the institution's Self Study reaccreditation process. A broad range of diverse voices informed our practices and shaped the future of the College.

This intensive process led to a revision of our mission and articulation of our core values, prioritizing the College's focus on an accessible, inclusive, and equitable learning environment. These foundational principles foster unity by strengthening our commitment to empowering students to succeed personally and academically.

Strategic Plan 2022-2026: Get Ready for Success builds on the College's rich tradition of transformative renewal by calling all members of the College community to action. The Plan's goals align with the needs of the students, staff, and the communities we serve. Designed to foster innovation, leverage our resources, and promote practices supporting continuous improvement, the Plan enables us to navigate challenges and to embrace opportunities for creating and maintaining an inclusive and equitable learning environment where all students can succeed in achieving academic and personal goals.

1.1 - Create and sustain enrollment opportunities to ensure access and academic attainment for all in LCCC service areas, including veterans and underserved populations.

1.2 - Leverage technology and implement innovative practices to increase student engagement, enrollment yield, and improve enrollment and completion.

1.3 - Create and enhance Pathways to completion, transfer, and post-college success.

1.4 - Empower and engage students as partners in learning through a holistic system of needs-based support.

2.1 - Ensure all students acquire foundational competencies through a learner centered curriculum.

2.2 - Integrate state-of-the-art technology and practices into all curriculums.

2.3 - Promote practices that will provide the tools for students to continually develop skills, knowledge, and dispositions to be lifelong learners and contribute to a complex global society.

2.4 - Design academic offerings that align student need and market demand.

3.1 - Enhance and expand collaborative alliances with community stakeholder organizations to best prepare students for further academic achievement, employment, and service to the community.

3.2 - Increase the region's educational attainment through innovative offerings that prepare students to meet workforce needs.

3.3 - Communicate LCCC's value proposition and return on student investment to the broad community.

4.1 - Implement transformative practices to create and sustain a diverse, inclusive and equitable (DEI) campus climate.

4.2 - Recruit, retain, and support a diverse College community.

4.3 - Provide inclusive excellence in curriculum, instruction and assessment.

4.4 - Act as a leader in DEI through engaging, inspirational, and educational practices for students and employees.

5.1 - Effectively leverage technology to facilitate all student and staff communications and automate workflow.

5.2 - Secure and allocate resources to best support recruitment, retention, and completion utilizing best practices in higher education.

5.3 - Maintain a safe, accessible and esthetically pleasing physical environment that reflects the College's commitment to excellence in teaching and learning.

5.4 - Continually foster a culture of assessment, using assessment as a tool to ensure excellence.