Applied Technology

Building Maintenance Technology
Certificate program (Typically finished in two semesters)

The building maintenance certificate is designed for the student who wants a diversified knowledge in the technical trade skills. The student will acquire an understanding in theory and laboratory skills for electrical, plumbing, heating and air conditioning systems. Qualified students may gain entry level positions in a variety of technical occupations such as maintenance electricians, maintenance plumbers.

This program provides the student the opportunity to:

  • acquire basic skills needed for troubleshooting, repairing or replacing plumbing, heating and air conditioning equipment.

The graduate of this program is able to:

  • explain the basic theory of electric motors and related devices.
  • install various types of water pipe materials, fittings, fixtures, and appliances.
  • solve and explain methods to prevent potential contamination of drinking water.
  • describe the proper procedures to recover, recycle, and reclaim CFC's refrigerants.
  • explain the purpose and operation of refrigerant controlled devices.

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Required Courses / Recommended Sequence
CEL-103 - Basic Construction Wiring, 3 credits
HAC-101 - Basic Heating & Cooling Technology, 4 credits
MAT-103 - Applied Mathematics for Industry, 3 credits
PLH-116 - Mechanical Piping Methods, 4 credits
or CEL-101 - D.C. and A.C. Fundamentals, 4 credits
HAC-103 - Warm Air Heating & Air Conditioning Design/Installation, 4 credits
or CEL-112 - Advanced Electrical Construction, 4 credits
HAC-106 - Controls for HVAC, 4 credits
PLH-105 - Controls for Heating Systems, 4 credits
PLH-122 - Introduction to Hydronic Heating Systems, 4 credits
or CEL-121 - Electric Motor Control I, 4 credits

Total Credits for Degree: 30

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