Accessibility Services

Welcome to the Office of Accessibility Services Page! Luzerne County Community College provides equal access to programs, opportunities, and activities at LCCC in accordance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, Title I and Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Pennsylvania Human Relations Act, Luzerne County Community College's Non-Discrimination Policy and Student's with Disabilities Policy.

Any Luzerne County Community College student with a documented disability can receive reasonable accommodations that will provide him/her with equal access to programs, opportunities or activities at LCCC.

This site provides important information regarding accessibility services for student, parents of students with accessibility needs, and instructors.

It is the responsibility of the student to request accommodations. Although your high school may have submitted your IEP or Evaluation Report from High School, this does not mean you now have the same accommodations as you did in the past. Merely submitting this documentation does not serve as your request for accommodations while enrolled at LCCC.

Counselor of Accessibilities Services
Debra Ann Passarella
Campus Center (Building 14)
521 Trailblazer Drive
Nanticoke, Pennsylvania, 18634
PHONE: 1-800-377-5222 extension 7397

Accomodation Steps

Step 1: Obtain a copy of documentation of your disability. Guidelines

Step 2: Make an appointment with Counselor of Accessibility Services to request accommodations. This must be done EACH semester you are enrolled. This appointment should be made prior to the beginning of a semester, to ensure instructors can know from the first day of class that accommodations are needed. Accommodations will begin once the instructor receives the accommodation letter. This will also give the Counselor of Accessibility Services/Instructor enough time to arrange for proper accommodations if preparation is needed.

Step 3: During appointment with Counselor of Accessibility Services, student and counselor will discuss what accommodations will best aid the student in being successfully in classes. This will be based on the written documentation of disability, as well as self-report by the student. Many accommodations that are offered in High School can be offered on the Post-Secondary Level. But there are some accommodations that are not permitted in college. From this discussion, the Counselor of Accessibility Services will develop the student's accommodation letter. Differences between High School and College

Step 4: The student is responsible for providing each instructor with an accommodation letter which outlines the student's accessibility needs. How to Discuss Your Accommodations Letter with Your instructor

Step 5: If you feel you are being discriminated in any way, you are not receiving proper accommodations, or are having difficulty working with your instructor regarding accommodations, please see Grievance Procedures. Grievance Procedures

Accomodations - High School vs. College
How to Discuss your Accommodation Letter with Your Instructor
Information for Parents/Advocates
Accommodations for the Placement Test
Grievance Procedures
Documenting, Requesting and Receiving Accommodations for Accessibility Services Procedure

Section 504 Coordinator /Student ADA Coordinator
Janine Kelley
Director of Counseling and Student Support Services
521 Trailblazer Drive
Nanticoke, Pennsylvania, 18634
PHONE: 1-800-377-5222 extension 7462
Employee ADA Coordinator
Kim Hogan, Dean of Human Resources
Enrollment and Admissions Center (Building 5)
521 Trailblazer Drive
Nanticoke, Pennsylvania, 18634
PHONE: 1-800-377-5222 extension 7363