Applied Technology

Electrical Construction Technology
Certificate program (Typically finished in two semesters)

Base theories of electricity, household and industrial electrical maintenance and the use of hand and power tools. Practical training on various types of electrical devices and repair and installation work are also included. Upon completion of the program, possible employment positions include electrician's helper, lineperson's helper and electrical parts counterperson, or for the more experienced, opportunities as an industrial maintenance or construction electrician, self-employment in residential or commercial wiring, or sales representative for an electrical manufacturer or distributor.

This program provides the student the opportunity:

  • to understand the principles and practices of residential and small commercial wiring.

The graduate of this program is able to:

  • demonstrate an understanding of the principles of basic electricity and have the ability to read blueprints for residential and small commercial wiring.
  • wire and troubleshoot basic motor control circuits through effective interpretations of wiring diagrams.
  • design and bend electrical conduit systems.
  • demonstrate the use of proper electrical safety procedures for the prevention of injury.

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Required Courses / Recommended Sequence
CEL-101 - D.C. and A.C. Fundamentals, 4 credits
CEL-103 - Basic Construction Wiring, 3 credits
ENG-101 - English Composition, 3 credits
GET-109 - Blueprint Reading & Estimating, 3 credits
MAT-103 - Applied Mathematics for Industry, 3 credits
BUS-248 - Small Business Management, 3 credits
CEL-112 - Advanced Electrical Construction, 4 credits
CEL-116 - National Electrical Code I, 3 credits
CEL-121 - Electric Motor Control I, 4 credits
PLH-105 - Controls for Heating Systems, 4 credits

Total Credits for Degree: 34

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