Applied Technology

Electronics Engineering Technology - Dual Track Automated Systems Robotics
Associate of Applied Science (Two year program)

A dual study concentration in both Electronics and Robotics is available to students who meet all of the requirements for an AAS degree in Electronics Engineering Technology and in addition take the recommended courses listed below prior to graduating. These courses will be offered subject to minimum enrollment criteria. Please note that if the minimum enrollment criteria are not met then the Automated Systems / Robotics concentration cannot be guaranteed. Students interested in this option should consult with their counselor / faculty advisor.

Upon completion of this concentrated program, graduates can enter the job market as electronics / robotics technicians.

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Required Courses / Recommended Sequence
CEL-121 - Electric Motor Control I, 4 credits
GET-201 - Introduction to Robotics, 3 credits
GET-203 - Introduction to Programmable Logic Controllers, 3 credits
GET-207 - Fluid Power Applications, 3 credits

Total Credits for Degree: 13

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