Applied Technology

Electronics Engineering Technology
Certificate program (Typically finished in two semesters)

The certificate of Specialization in Electronics Engineering will enable the student to install, service and operate electrical / electronic equipment. A graduate of this program can be employed as an installer of electronic equipment, calibration and test operator, sales representative, or a field service representative.

This program provides the student the opportunity:

  • To understand the concepts of DC and AC analog and digital electrical / electronic circuits.
  • To acquire skills required to be successfully employed in the electrical/electronics field.

The graduate of this program is able to:

  • Analyze both DC and AC electrical networks.
  • Perform duties associated with installation, calibration, and servicing of electrical / electronic equipment.

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Required Courses / Recommended Sequence
BUS-101 - Introduction to Business, 3 credits
or PSY-103 - General Psychology, 3 credits
or SOC-101 - Principles of Sociology, 3 credits
or SPE-125 - Fundamentals of Speech, 3 credits
EET-131 - DC Electricity, 4 credits
EET-132 - AC Electricity, 4 credits
EET-135 - Electronic Devices, 4 credits
EET-205 - Digital Circuits, 3 credits
ENG-101 - English Composition, 3 credits
GET-107 - Electronic Drafting for Engineering Technology, 2 credits
MAT-111 - Technical Mathematics I, 3 credits
or PHY-123 - UNKNOWN COURSE (PHY-123), 3 credits

Total Credits for Degree: 29

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