Health Care Management
Associate of Science (Two year program)

The Healthcare Management degree focuses on management and administration in the health care industry. Topics to be covered include general education, ethical issues, health services, finance, business, marketing, information technology, healthcare technology advancement, management and legal issues related to healthcare.

The graduate of the program may pursue a variety of career paths such as medical office managers in physician's offices, healthcare managers in hospitals, nursing homes, retirement centers and related facilities, health information managers, healthcare project managers and case coordinators.

This program provides the student the opportunity to:

  • Know major institutions, professions, and political forces that influence healthcare services in the United States.
  • Learn necessary priorities in managing risk, measuring outcomes and quality improvement initiatives.
  • Understand issue and trends in healthcare management.
  • Work ethically, respectfully and professionally with individuals of diverse ethnic, cultural, gender backgrounds.

The graduate of this program is able to:

  • Explain the major components of today's healthcare system, contemporary medical practice and resources compromising the delivery system.
  • Discuss the impact of advanced medical technology on the healthcare industry.
  • Propose a basic plan for healthcare delivery reform which includes strengths and weaknesses.
  • Identify management strategies for the changing healthcare environment.
  • Examine management of finance, information systems, issues and trends in healthcare organizations as it applies to day-to-day operations.
  • Develop skills to manage coordination of care activities and services.
  • Analyze federal, state and local healthcare policies and procedures in serving needs of stakeholders.

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Required Courses / Recommended Sequence
ACC-111 - Principles of Accounting I, 3 credits
BUS-231 - Principles of Management, 3 credits
CIS-110 - Computer Literacy & Applications, 3 credits
ENG-101 - English Composition, 3 credits
FYE-101 - First Year Experience, 1 credits
SOC-101 - Principles of Sociology, 3 credits
ACC-112 - Principles of Accounting II, 3 credits
BIO-135 - Anatomy & Physiology I, 4 credits
HCM-101 - Introduction to Health Care Systems, 3 credits
HIM-120 - Medical Terminology, 3 credits
SPE-125 - Fundamentals of Speech, 3 credits
BIO-136 - Anatomy & Physiology II, 4 credits
BUS-261 - Business Law I, 3 credits
ENG-261 - Technical Communications, 3 credits
HCM-201 - Medical Practice Management, 3 credits
MAT-140 - Calculus for Business, 3 credits
BUS-201 - Principles of Marketing, 3 credits
FIN-101 - Introduction to Finance, 3 credits
HCM-280 - Internship, 3 credits
Elective - Health and Physical Ed Electives, 1 credits
PSY-103 - General Psychology, 3 credits

Total Credits for Degree: 61

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