Computer Information Systems

Medical Scribe
Certificate program (Typically finished in two semesters)

The Certificate in Medical Scribe is designed to meet the needs of the growing demand for trained medical information professionals who specialize in charting physician-patient encounters in real-time during medical exams. A scribe can work onsite at a hospital, clinic, or physician's office, or from a remote, HIPAA-secure facility. A scribe enters information into the electronic health record (EHR) or chart at the direction of the physician or licensed independent practitioner. Scribes also assist the physician or licensed independent practitioner in navigating the EHR and locating information such as lab and radiology results. This degree will offer students an opportunity to pursue positions as Medical Scribe, Clinical Scribe, ER Scribe and ED Scribe, to name a few.

Students must meet the minimum standards for English and Keyboarding on the Accuplacer Placement Exam in order to enroll in this program.

In addition to the general admissions requirements, entrance to the Medical Scribe program has, as its minimum requirements, the following:
(a) Graduation from an accredited secondary school or high school equivalency diploma (GED).
(b) Average to above average grades in high school or a college GPA of 2.0.
(c) Placement into College English.
(d) Information session with the department representative.

A student enrolled in this major must receive a grade of 'C' or higher on those courses with the alpha-designator "CIS", "HIM" and "OMT".

This program provides the student the opportunity:

  • to transcribe using the Electronic Health Record (EHR).
  • to document procedures performed by the physician or any other healthcare professional, including nurses and physician assistants.
  • to check the progress of and review lab, X-ray and other patient evaluation data for comparison, and transcribing the results into patient charts so that a patient's record is complete and the physician can make sound treatment decisions.
  • to record physician-dictated diagnoses, prescriptions, and instructions for patient discharge and follow-up.

The graduate of this program is able to:

  • scribe using the Electronic Health Record (EHR).
  • gather information for the patient's visit, generate referral letters for physicians, manage and sort medical documents within the EHR system.

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Required Courses / Recommended Sequence
or BIO-125 - UNKNOWN COURSE (BIO-125), 0 credits
or BIO-130 - Basic Anatomy, 4 credits
CIS-110 - Computer Literacy & Applications, 3 credits
HIM-120 - Medical Terminology, 3 credits
HIM-133 - Medical Office Procedures I, 3 credits
OMT-126 - Keyboarding & Formatting, 3 credits
or CIS-120 - UNKNOWN COURSE (CIS-120), 3 credits
or CIS-112 - Spreadsheet Analysis Using Microsoft Excel, 3 credits
or CIS-114 - Database Analysis With Microsoft Access, 3 credits
ENG-101 - English Composition, 3 credits
HIM-233 - Electronic Health Records (ehr), 3 credits
HIM-234 - Editing and Scribing, 3 credits
SPE-210 - Introduction to Interpersonal Communications, 3 credits

Total Credits for Degree: 27

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