Legal Assisting (paralegal)
Associate of Applied Science (Two year program)

The Legal Assisting Program prepares a student for a career as a legal assistant in law firms, insurance companies, title companies, government agencies and large corporations. As a two-year recommended program of studies, the Legal Assisting curriculum combines liberal arts courses with law courses to provide a generalist legal assistant. The program is accredited by ACBSP. This is a part-time only program.

This program is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP).

This program provides the student the opportunity to:

  • understand legal concepts and principals.
  • learn the applicable skills to function as a paralegal.

The graduate of this program is able to:

  • apply fundamental legal concepts and principles.
  • apply critical thinking skills to legal and social issues.
  • conduct legal research using both primary and secondary sources in either printed or electronic versions.
  • prepare legal documents.
  • explain the constitutional foundation of the federal and state court systems for both civil and criminal procedures.

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Required Courses
ACC-111 - Principles of Accounting I, 3 credits
BUS-261 - Business Law I, 3 credits
CIS-110 - Computer Literacy & Applications, 3 credits
ENG-101 - English Composition, 3 credits
FYE-101 - First Year Experience, 1 credits
Elective - Health and Physical Ed Electives, 1 credits
Elective - Humanities Elective, 3 credits
LAP-100 - Introduction to Paralegal, 3 credits
LAP-201 - Tort and Criminal Law, 3 credits
LAP-202 - Estate Law, 3 credits
LAP-203 - Corporate Law, 3 credits
LAP-204 - Bankruptcy Law, 3 credits
LAP-205 - Family Law, 3 credits
LAP-206 - Civil Litigation for the Paralegal, 3 credits
LAP-250 - Legal Research & Writing, 3 credits
LAP-279 - Legal Assisting Internship, 3 credits
Elective - Mathematics Elective, 3 credits
OMT-154 - Administrative Professional I, 3 credits
RET-107 - Real Estate Law, 3 credits
Elective - Science Elective (3 cr), 3 credits
SPE-125 - Fundamentals of Speech, 3 credits
Elective - Social Science Elective, 3 credits

Total Credits for Degree: 62

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