Applied Technology

Associate of Applied Science (Two year program)

The Mechatronics Program prepares students for careers as multi-skilled technicians in industrial, manufacturing, and commercial settings. Designed as a multidisciplinary program incorporating theory and hands-on experience, students gain knowledge and skills in blueprint reading, CAD drawing, mechanics, pneumatics, hydraulics, electricity, motors, motor control, programmable logic controls, robotics and motion control, process control, instrumentation and computer integrated manufacturing. The program focuses on the integration of the various systems as well as predictive maintenance, troubleshooting and quality assurance.

The program provides the student the opportunity to:

  • Gain knowledge on the various systems and the relationship of the systems in an industrial and manufacturing environment.
  • Learn the skills needed to repair and maintain the various systems used in an industrial and manufacturing environment.

The graduate of this program is able to:

  • Demonstrate effective technical writing skills.
  • Analyze and interpret electric schematic, architectural and industrial prints.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in the use of various hand and power tools used in equipment maintenance and repair.
  • Operate, troubleshoot and repair commercial mechanical, electrical, fluid power, electronic, robotic and integrated manufacturing systems.
  • Interface and integrate manufacturing components and unit operations into useful systems.
  • Develop and implement project plans that integrate electrical systems, mechanical systems, control systems and computer systems.

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Required Courses
CEL-101 - D.C. and A.C. Fundamentals, 4 credits
CEL-121 - Electric Motor Control I, 4 credits
CEL-201 - Industrial Electricity, 4 credits
EGR-110 - Engineering Graphics, 3 credits
ENG-101 - English Composition, 3 credits
ENG-261 - Technical Communications, 3 credits
FYE-101 - First Year Experience, 1 credits
GET-114 - Industrial Workplace Safety, 2 credits
GET-121 - Manufacturing Processes I, 3 credits
GET-122 - Manufacturing Processes II, 3 credits
GET-203 - Introduction to Programmable Logic Controllers, 3 credits
GET-207 - Fluid Power Applications, 3 credits
GET-209 - Industrial Mechanics, 4 credits
Elective - Health and Physical Ed Electives, 1 credits
Elective - Humanities Elective, 3 credits
MAT-111 - Technical Mathematics I, 3 credits
PHY-121 - Technical Physics (Mechanical), 4 credits
Elective - Social Science Elective, 3 credits
Elective - Technology Elective, 3 credits

Total Credits for Degree: 57

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