Steps to Enroll for High School Graduates

You've graduated high school. Congratulations! Now it's your time to head down the path to a great career! Let LCCC help you make it happen!

LCCC has several exciting programs to choose from:
Programs of Study

We have an open door admission and the application is free! After applying you will receive an email with your LCCC Student ID#.


Do you have your LCCC Student ID#? If so, you are ready to take the assessment test. You may not need to take the test.

Placement Test Info
Register for Placement Testing

Did you take the assessment test or were you exempt from it? Then you are ready to meet with your Counselor or Advisor to schedule your classes.

To avoid being dropped from your classes, please pay your bill by its due date. Learn about Financial Aid, Scholarships, Monthly Payment Plans and more.