Student Life

  • Meet the Counselors

    Janine Kelley Janine Kelley - Interim Director Counseling & Student Support Services
    Campus Center (Bldg 14), Rm 134
    Phone # (570) 740-0462
    Secretary - Donna Dennis (570) 740-0451

    Linda Condusta Linda Condusta
    Campus Center (Bldg 14), Rm 129
    Phone# (570) 740-0319

    Secretary - Jocelyn Reese (570) 740-0244

    • Evening Students- Main Campus

    Kim Dyszlewski Kim Dyszlewski
    Campus Center (Bldg 14), Rm 132
    Phone # (570) 740-0403 / (570) 740-0452

    Secretary - Paula Bowman / Susan Chocolas

    • General/Dental Business Assisting
    • General/Dental Hygiene
    • General/Nursing
    • General/Respiratory Therapy
    • General/Surgical Technology
    • Pre-Chiropractic
    • Pre-Mortuary
    • Pre-Optometry
    • Pre-Pharmacy

    Mary Knaus Mary Knaus
    Campus Center (Bldg 14), Rm 126
    Phone # (570) 740-0403

    Secretary - Paula Bowman

    • General Studies
    • Early Childhood Education
    • Education-Health, Physical Education K-12
    • Education
    • Elementary Education
    • English
    • Exercise Science - Fitness Leadership
    • History
    • Humanities
    • Math

    Maryann Kovalewski Maryann Kovalewski
    Health Sciences Center (Bldg 31 - Downtown Nanticoke), 3rd Floor / Rm 349
    Phone# (570) 740-0461

    Secretary - Ramona Wech

    • Biology
    • Chemistry
    • Culinary Arts
    • Dental Hygiene
    • Dental Practice Management
    • EFDA
    • Emergency Medical Services
    • General EMS
    • General EMT
    • Hospitality Business Management
    • Nursing
    • Pastry Arts Management
    • Respiratory Therapy
    • Surgical Technology

    Cindy Malkemes Cindy Malkemes
    Technology Center (Bldg 12), Rm A203
    Phone # (570) 740-0604
    Counselor for Perkins Students/ACT101

    Secretary - Chris George

    • Advertising / Graphic Design
    • Architectural Engineering Technology
    • Audio/ Visual Communications
    • Automated Manufacturing Systems Tech
    • Aerospace/Aviation Management
    • Aviation Professional Pilot
    • Automotive Technology
    • Building Maintenance Technology
    • Computer Aided Drafting & Design Tech
    • Computer Graphics / New Media
    • Computer Systems Technology
    • Criminal Justice
    • Cyber Security Management
    • Diesel Truck Technology
    • Electrical Construction Technology
    • Electronic Engineering Technology
    • Engineering Design & Manufacturing
    • Fire Science Technology
    • Industrial Maintenance
    • Interior Design Technology
    • Journalism
    • Mechatronics
    • Music Recording Technology
    • Nanofabrication Technology
    • Nuclear Engineering Technology
    • Painting Illustration
    • Photography
    • Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning
    • Pre-Engineering
    • Sustainable Energy Technology
    • Theatre
    • Welding

    James Shovlin James Shovlin
    Campus Center (Bldg 14), Rm 133
    Phone # (570) 740-0452
    Counselor for Veterans

    Secretary - Susan Chocolas

    • Accounting Technology
    • Business Administration
    • Business Management
    • Computer Information Systems
    • Computer Science
    • Court Reporting/Captioning
    • Legal Assisting (Paralegal)
    • Medical Office Specialist
    • Medical Transcription Specialist
    • Medical Reimbursement and Coding Specialist
    • Office Information Technology
    • Web Development Technology

    Debra Ann PassarellaDebra Ann Passarella
    Accessibility Services
    Campus Center (Bldg 14), Rm 125
    Phone # (570) 740-0451

    Secretary - Donna Dennis

    • Human Services
    • Psychology
    • Social Work
    • Sociology

    Support Staff
    Paula Bowman - Campus Center (Bldg 14) - ph# (570) 740-0403
    Susan Chocolas - Campus Center (Bldg 14) - ph# (570) 740-0452
    Donna Dennis - Campus Center (Bldg 14) - ph# (570) 740-0451
    Chris George - Technology Center (Bldg 12) - ph# (570) 740-0604
    Jocelyn Reese - Campus Center (Bldg 14) - ph# (570) 740-0244
    Ramona Wech - Health Science Center (Bldg 31) - ph# (570) 740-0461



  • Comprehensive Program of Services

    Students entering the College must take the community college placement test ACCUPLACER. Counselors evaluate test scores and high school records to determine course placement.

    ACCUPLACER Information

    Placement Testing Schedule
    Upon completion of the Accuplacer placement test or evidence of an SAT score of 500 or higher in math and verbal, the student will receive information on an RSVP Orientation/ Registration session. Sessions are conducted April through August for the fall semester and November and December for the spring semester.

    * Preview/review an Orientation/Registration presentation HERE *

    The Orientation / Registration session is conducted to acquaint you with the College's community, programs, policies and services. Your counselor will provide you with course recommendations for the upcoming semester and help you formulate your schedule based on course offerings, your personal schedule, and your career and academic goals.

    Students entering the College are assigned a Counselor for academic advisement.

    Presently enrolled students are encouraged to meet with their Counselor on an appointment basis or come to the walk-in advisement / registration sessions.

    Registration Schedule

    Advising Guidelines
    Advising is a process that evolves over time. As you know, all new LCCC students meet with a Counselor to review placement testing and to register for classes. This begins the advising relationship between student and Counselor.

    There are students who access their counselor or faculty advisor often to seek guidance with questions and concerns. Some students are more definite of their educational direction and make decisions independently. And yet others do need the guidance of a Counselor or Faculty Advisor due to academic difficulty or struggles with decision making skills, or because they are at-risk.

    Since students needs vary a great deal, the Counseling and Academic Advising Department guidelines for Advisement / Registration are as follows: Currently attending students who have a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher and have earned 15 or more college credits (and are not listed below) may self-advise and register online through Web Advisor.

    The following students receive additional support services and therefore to meet with their Counselor or Faculty Advisor each semester, to register for classes.

    • Newly admitted - First year students, Re-admit students, Transfer students
    • Students receiving ACT 101 or Services for Special Population (Carl D. Perkins) support services
    • Students with disabilities seeking accommodations
    • Students in the Trade Readjustment Act and Workforce Investment Act programs
    • Students on Academic Probation
    • Early College
    • Currently attending students whose cumulative GPA is below a 2.5
    • Currently attending students who have earned less than 15 credits

    Students may access their academic information (transcript, academic evaluation and class schedules) on WebAdvisor. These students are welcome to see their counselor or faculty advisor each semester to discuss their educational plans.

    Please note that students are responsible for their own course selection and are strongly advised to follow the published program requirements and to inquire about the transferability of courses to four-year institutions.

    Course Schedule

    Registration Schedule

    There may be times when you need to talk with someone, particularly if your personal issues or responsibilities are interfering with your academic progress. We provide counseling support to help you work through personal challenges that may get in the way of your academic progress. We can also refer you to appropriate community resources if you are seeking long term counseling support or need additional assistance. We offer one on one counseling, web based counseling tips, and mental health information and resources to promote your wellness while you pursue your academic and career goals at LCCC.

    Faculty members refer students to counseling who may be having academic difficulties or personal problems that may be interfering with their academic success. Counselors will contact students for an individual appointment via email or telephone to discuss their situation and assist them in resolving or dealing with the problem area. Students are always welcome to contact their Counselor for an individual appointment to discuss any concerns or problems.

    Transfer information is provided to students upon request. Students may initiate an Articulation Agreement with a four-year institution through assistance of their Counselor.

    Articulation Agreements

    Pennsylvania Transfer and Articulation Center


    The Supplemental Instruction (SI) Schedule (formerly ETGS) provides you with extra help in certain courses. Groups meet once or twice a week.

    Supplemental Instruction (SI) Schedule

    StudentLingo - an on-demand student success workshop website. This service is only available to LCCC Students.


    Be an active participant in the student/counselor relationship by:
    • Seeking out information in advance of your appointment. Use WebAdvisor, the Student Intranet and our main website.
    • Refer to the College catalog, student handbook and the Student Intranet for policies and procedures and how they affect you.
    • Prepare for your counseling appointments.
    • Schedule appointments in advance. Notify the office 24 hours in advance if you cannot keep an appointment.
    • Respond to Counseling contacts from the office.
    • Follow through to completion changes to your academic status. (i.e. drop/add, change of curriculum)

  • ACT 101 Program

    ACT 101 is a supportive program whose purpose is to improve graduation rates of specific populations of students. The program serves full and part time students who meet eligibility guidelines.

    Students must:

    • Have tested into one or more developmental courses
    • Have earned a GED
    • Be an ESL student
    • Be out of the educational system for 5 or more years
    • Meet income guidelines (annual family income equal to or less than 200 % of the of the federal poverty income guidelines)

    Samples of programs offered by ACT-101:

    Snack Days: one per semester, The ACT 101 staff and students come together Over "snacks" to talk, network and learn more about ACT 101.

    Each spring the ACT 101 students and staff take a trip for cultural and educational purposes.

    Around the time of final exams, ACT 101 has the "Stress Free Zone" where Can come to relax, eat, play and generally get away from the stress of finals.

    We also offer a book and laptop lending program.

    Come join us! For more information on ACT 101 or to find out if you qualify, call or email one of our staff:

    Stacy Walent, Director of ACT 101
    570-740-0397 or
    Kim Dyszlewski, Counselor
    570-740-0454 or
    Cindy Malkames, Counselor
    570-740-0498 or

  • Accessibility Services

    Luzerne County Community College provides equal access to programs, opportunities, and activities at LCCC in accordance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, Title I and Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Pennsylvania Human Relations Act, Luzerne County Community College's Non-Discrimination Policy and Student's with Disabilities Policy...
    Accessibility Services

  • Veterans

    Luzerne County Community College is approved for the education and training of Veterans of the armed services. The Office of Veteran's Affairs is located in Building 5, Room 508 in the Financial Aid Office. Eligibility is determined by the Veteran's Administration. All Veterans must have a completed application on file with the VA. They can be completed online at Chapter 31 Disabled Veterans should first contact the VA at 1-570-821-2501 to determine their eligibility...