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Alumni Guest Book
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"I graduated in 2007 with a degree in Photography. I owned my own studio for a short time, but then switched career paths for a while. I?m happy to say I?ve finally landed back in the photography field, and I?m putting my education to good use. I current reside in Atlanta, working as a Unit Still Photographer where I get to capture images and behind the scenes action on film sets. "
Amanda Mazonkey, Marietta GA

"I attend Lccc from 1983-86. Graduated in 1986. While attending classes I was involved in CircleK and Student Government. I have a lot of great memories of everyone!"
Debora Berry, Hanover Twp PA

"Prior to attending Luzerne County Community College, I lived in a transitional housing program for young adults who were homeless. The program provided me with the opportunity to build my life up from its foundation, and LCCC provided me with the opportunity to pursue a career of my choosing, both helping to pave the way for my future. During my time at LCCC, I utilized every resource available to me. When I could not comfortably afford textbooks and school supplies, I was offered assistance by the Luzerne Foundation. When I struggled in Mathematics, I was provided tutoring that worked with my schedule, and at my pace.. After my second semester, when a hold was placed on my account due to an outstanding balance, I was given the chance to register for classes provided that my grades would be in high standing. When I knocked on the door of the President's Office to discuss my future, he opened the door, asked me to take a seat, and proceeded to listen. I served as the President of the Luzerne Architecture & Design Students Association, and was a Student Ambassador during my second year. I graduated Cum Laude in the Spring of 2019 with an Associate of Applied Science in Architectural Engineering Technology degree, and transferred to Temple University. After living in the city of Philadelphia and completing a year of courses, I entered Boston Architectural College's Online Bachelor of Science in Architecture Program, and upon graduating will pursue a licensure in Architecture. I am currently employed, using my degree, with a company that conducts federal inspections of petrochemical storage tanks. While pursuing my terminal degree part-time, I spend my free time exploring, camping and hiking in Pennsylvania. I cannot express my gratitude for the education and experience I received through LCCC, and I do not hesitate to expound the benefits of community college to any individual, of any age, and of any background. "
Christopher Simkonis, Scranton PA

"LCCC gave me the opportunity I needed to get my life back on track. I graduated with an A.S. in Social Science in 1993 and then went on to earn a B.S. from King's and a law degree from Tulane University. This November I will be on the ballot in New York City running unopposed for Justice of the Supreme Court. I have been a Civil Court Judge since 2012. It all started with LCCC and I'll always be grateful. "
shawn kelly, New York NY

"We received a quality education from amazing professors. LCCC is among one of my best educational experiences. I will remain forever grateful for everything Luzerne Country College taught to myself and peers of the graduating class of 08. "
Alexander Jensen, Portland OR

"Class of 1996... I attended campus while raising 3 kids (youngest being disabled). I had to bring her to classes with me on numerous occasions.. Huge thank you to everyone for being so supportive. It made my college experience so much better... KUDDOS"
jeannette kuras, Richmond VA

"Graduated 2004 Surgical Technology Class. "
Christina Collins, Berwick PA

"class of 1970.. self employ now after working in the accounting since 1972 Univ of Baltimore class 1972"
Anthony Daniel Belletiere, Glen Burnie MD

"I completed the Computer Information Systems curriculum at LCCC in 2003. My professors always went above and beyond to challenge me. I remember two classes in particular: COBOL and C++. In these courses, my professors taught me the fundamentals of logic as it related to programming and application development. Looking back, the many long days and nights in LCCC campus building 7 have paid off. Today, I am a Director of Application Development for United One in Wilkes-Barre, PA, and I credit my success to the CIS staff at LCCC. Thank you always! "
Michael J Lukatchik, Shavertown PA

"Class of '09 & '10 Advertising/Graphic Design. Had a few years between starting and finishing. I took my awesome education and ran with it. Never stop learning. I am now an Art Director. Big shout out to all the teachers in the ATC. I had an awesome time and was taught not just what was in a book but how to use that information in the real world. Thanks."
Jordan Perrego, Highland MI

"Attending LCCC again (2017) to finish my Pre-Mortuary degree/ transfer to N.C.C. in Summer or Fall 2018 as graduate school. Recording Engineer degree recieved 2006' National Honors in Psychology, Psi Beta for Life. Pursuing scholarship essays 2017 & 2018."
Jake Fletcher, Nanticoke PA

"I graduated from LCCC with an AAS in computer information systems. I then graduated from Misericordia University with a BS in information technology. Then I continued on to earn an MBA in human resource management from Misericordia University. I am currently a facilities manager. I have a loving wife and 5 wonderful children."
David Lance, Tunkhannock PA

"Jose Bello, Class of 1977, is now exhibiting his art at the American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore, Maryland through September 2017. View his art at"
Jose Bello, Parkersburg WV

"I graduated LCCC class of 1971 with an A.S. in Hotel and Restaurant Management. Would have been in the first graduating class of 69 but spent 2 years in the U.S. Coast Guard right out of HHS in Hazleton. Within 2 weeks of my discharge was attending LCCC and taking advantage of my VA benefits. Really enjoyed my 2 years at the original campus in Wilkes-Barre. Had great professors and made a lot of good friends there only to leave for Florida upon graduation. Miss some of the good times had there. Would love to hear from any fellow classmates."
Donald Hanson, Hollywood FL

"I am a proud 2005 Graduate of the Criminal Justice Program and part-time tutor in the Support Service Department. I practice law in Wilkes-Barre for the Law Offices of Robert T. Panowicz & Associates. I would love to catch up with my classmates, so please contact me if any of you see this!"
William P. Cech, Esq., Forty Fort PA

"hi! I grauated in 1975, hotel and restaurant management, got the the bridge. on page 10 there is an add for the alumni gear. could I find out how to order the gear."
ed greenberger, green bay WI

"Graduated from Nursing program (1990) which I consider one of the finest. Am retired from WBGH in Wilkes-Barre. Moved to Florida and am on Federal Disaster Medical Team, Fl-2 DMAT and SMRT-6 which is Florida state team. Been deployed to hurricane Katrina, Rita and Sandy. Was deployed on the first state team for the earthquake in Haiti.Would love to hear from some of my classmates. Also hello to Dr. Brown."
Lorraine Roberts Milligan, North Fort Myers FL

"Nursing class 1989. updated email changed from aol to gmail"
Cheryl-Ann Young, Henrico VI

"I originally began my LCCC journey in September of 2006, with the intention of becoming a music recording engineer. As time progressed I realized that I had no technical bone in my body, and perhaps music recording wasn't the right choice for me. I switched to Journalism Communications and it drastically changed my life. I met instructors who taught me to believe me in myself and embrace who I am. I didn't have an easy road and it took eight years finishing up my degree, due to changing my major, taking some time off and having to drop a few courses to juggle work and school, but in the end I made it. I will be graduating on Thursday with my Associate of Science degree in Journalism and Media Writing. I had a blast through the last eight years and I don't regret one minute of it. If I could go back in time, I would do it all over again. "
Amanda Riemensnyder, Wilkes Barre PA

" Even though I graduated with the class of 1970 I had most of my classes with the first graduating class of 69 due to the fact that I took one first semester class in 67 at nite. I received an AAS in Mech. Eng. Tech. I drove up from Hazleton every day and it was well worth the trip. My days at LCCC are among the happiest of my life and the most productive. I'll never forget Prof's Paul Gravel, Clarence Yeagley and Sheldon Spear."
Louis Dorse, Scranton PA

"I graduated in May 2003 with an AAS in Computer Information Systems. In December 2013, I graduated with a BS in Information Technology from Misericordia University. I am now pursuing an MBA with a concentration in Human Resource Management at Misericordia."
David Lance, Tunkhannock PA

"I am a 1995 Graduate of the Computer Graphics program. I am currently in my last year of my BA in Liberal Studies at Kaplan University. Its been 18 years in the making."
KerryThorne, S. Portland ME

"I recieved an A.S. in Social Science in 2010, and am just finishing a double B.S in Education(minor is special ed) and Psychology (Addiction and Recovery specialization) from Liberty University. I moved out to Austin after graduation-no more cold weather! I hope to become an online professor of psychology after graduation and volunteer time to counsel those who are dealing with addictions. "
Kristina Vendetti, Austin TX

"I graduated with the nursing class of 1998. Since that time, I've worked at many jobs from psych to hospice. I finally returned to what I had done as an LPN, before attending LCCC - long term care. I have worked as a nursing supervisor, unit manager RNAC and assessment nurse over the years. Currently I am an RNAC. Since graduation, my three daughters have grown up. The two oldest have graduated from Wilkes and Penn State. My youngest is a senior at Kutztown University. I am blessed with a two year old granddaughter."
Cindi Heness, pittston PA

"Although I just began my journey towards my Associates Degree in Photography the journey here has to be told..back in 1976 when I enlisted in the US Air Force I wanted to go into photography but I couldn't get that field choice when I I ended up in retail sales for most of my life until rheumatoid arthritis disabled me 10 years ago. Now that my children are all older I decided to fight my disease and revisit my dream.I'm in my very 1st Semester here and at age 55 I have to say my younger classmates and my instructors have ALL been a total joy to experience. The learning enviornment is professional and thrilling to me. Mine is a 2 year degree...but once I finish it it will always hang proudly in my home as a reminder of what is possible to accomplish in your life no matter WHAT circumstances you have to deal with. Dreams DO come true...I'm about to prove that when 2014 comes and I graduate!!!!"
Robert A. Mercincavage, Scranton PA

"I graduated here in May, 1992 with LCCC's Nursing class!! Our class was the best!! Hoping to connect with a few!! I currently work fulltime nights at Geisinger GWV and love it!! Everyone is going for their BSN's now....I don't believe I want too just yet!!"
Andrea M. Bulkley DeBalko RN, Drums PA

"Currently working for Commonwealth of PA DPW as a RN. Graduated in 1996 from LCCC with an Associates Degree in Nursing. Currently working on BSN through Chamberlain College of Nursing. "
Blanche Wright, Williamstown PA

"I enjoyed attending LCCC. I was a Adult Learner and graduated in 2006. I'm now employed by Johnson College full time as the instructor for the Electrical Construction and Maintenance Technology program."
Kevin A Sterowski, hunlock creek PA

"1970-1972 Commercial/Fine Art Major. What a great experience. I would do it all again. Write me."
Tracy Smith, Santa Rosa CA

"As an alumni of the class of 1991 in Nursing, I have to thank all the great professors that I had and all the friends that I made during my two years at the school.(almost three taking pre-requisites)I thoroughly enjoyed my time at the school and am now still nursing as a House Nursing Supervisor at the Los Alamos Medical Center in New Mexico. Would sure love to hear from some of my classmates."
Thomas Blackwood, Santa Fe NM

"I enjoyed every moment I was there Graduated in 2008 with an Assoc in Science Social Sciences"
Heather Price, Laurel Run PA,

"I am a 93 graduate. Many of my fellow broadcasting alumni participated in Wendy's World (the annual talent show) I am trying to find anyone who remembers that. That was a fun time! "
Mark Dennis, Etters PA

"I attended Luzerne County Community College where I completed an associates degree in Fire Science Technology. The school and what it had to offer were nothing less than perfect. I enjoyed my time here, and the posibility of going back is always on the table. I had the pleasure of meeting and working first hand with their very knowledgeable instructors from the Fire Science Program. Luzerne County Community College is one of 2 or 3 schools that offer the program within Pennsylvania, and is very fortunate to have such knowledgeable fire service educators from within our region working for them!"
Stephen J. Motil, Plains PA

"I attended LCCC and got my Illustration in Arts degree. Was working on my Graphics degree. i must say, LCCC is the BEST school of them all!! I was VERY pleased with the professors. "
Sally M. Mann, Smyrna TN

"I graduated from the nursing program 5/1989. I met some great people during my time there. I am hoping to make it up for the reunion on the 9/30. Sorry to hear about the recent flooding. We experienced the earthquake and Hurricane Irene without any problems to my house or hospital."
Cheryl-Ann E. Young, RN, Henrico ( Richmond) VA

"great teachers at LCCC. i love this school"
marcus bent, west orange NJ

"I attended LCCC from 1991-1993 and from 2004-2005. I will say that the quality of education I received there was simply excellent (and obviously wonderfully affordable). I have many fond memories of my time there and the faculty I was lucky enough to have as instructors. Mr. Pisaneschi, Mr. Fedrick, the late Robert Janosov, Ms. Warg, Ms. Gibbons, and Dr. Sheridan were all a pleasure to have as guides on the path of learning there. I have always and will always continue to speak highly of this great institution! "
Jeff Frank, Morgan Hill CA

"1971 Graduate with Associates Degree in Hotel % Restaurant Management after serving in the US Coast Guard. Enjoyed my 2 years at LCCC, made many friends, great professors and enjoyed they many activities sponsored at the school. Moved to Florida after graduation, enjoyed working in the hotel industry on Miami Beach and worked at Eastern Airlines for 11 years as a machinist, got to travel extensively and see much of the world at very little cost. Only hired by Eastern at an entry level position because of my degree from LCCC, they where looking for people to enter at an entry level position and work up into management. Thanks to LCCC for preparing me for a successful career, was able to semi-retire at age 39 and fully retire at 50. Good luck to all current and future students. Any old friends from school, feel free to contact me and say hello. Have lost touch with most everyone over the years."
Don Hanson, Hollywood FL

"Going back to college after 20 years was the best thing that I ever decided to do. Attending LCCC helped to pave the way for even more success as I continue to further my education even more. I have met some wonderful people at LCCC and made some lifelong friends. The faculty of educators and staff are an amazing group of people. I am proud to be part of the LCCC family of learners. Thank you LCCC and Congratulations to the Class of 2011. We did it!!!!!!"
Heidi Birkel, Nanticoke PA

"I attended LCCC from 1975-1977. I was a member of Student Council for both years, serving as President my second year. LCCC provided me with a foundation that I never truly appreciated until recently. That base helped me form a solid starting point that has had a positive influence on the rest of my life and career. After graduating, I attended the University of Scranton and continued to pursue graduate studies in Allentown area. After several years in the retail business sector, I entered a new career in the medical field, working first from a clinical perpective and most recently in a management role. While my job career has been varied, the foundation has always pointed to what I was given and able to experience at LCCC. Thank you."
Bruce Marion, Shamokin Dam PA

"I had some good times @ LCCC and made some close friends.It prepared me to be respected figure in the nyc construction industry. "
louis palmasano, new york NE

"Just wanted to say hello to the LCCC family. It's been 12 years since i've graduated and thought it would be a great idea to reach out to the community. I hope that everyone is safe and enjoying life. "
Michael J. Staton, Philadelphia PA

"It is with great gratitude and enthusiasm, that I say thank you, to the many staff members of Luzerne County Community College for helping me to achieve my academic dream. Best wishes to the graduates of May 2010! "
Wadeedah Abdallah, Kingston PA

"Finally going to graduate on May 27, 2010. Took me a long time but I finally made it!"
Lisa Hill, Shickshinny PA

"I just wanted to say how much I have enjoyed my time at LCCC. Coming back to school was the best thing I ever did for myself. I have gained a confidence that I lost many years ago. I went to college right after highschool and ended up dropping out. Five years ago, I gained encouragement from a wonderful family that returning to school was possible for me. I went part-time at night and took some online courses. Finally after five long years, I am graduating Spring 2010. I just turned 44 years old this past March. I found out that you can never be too old. I believe that you can accomplish anything you want, regardless of your age. There is no such thing as too late. "
Nancy Henry, Mountain Top PA

"Back for the 3rd time and I'm fianlly doing it. Passing with A's and B's. WooooooHoooooo!"
Jeannine Dane, Hanover twp PA

"after 15 yrs of procrastination, i'm finally going to graduate in May 2010!!!!"
Rosemary Meininger, larksville PA

"My name is Jake Fletcher and I graduated with a Diploma of 24 Credits and Dean's List in May 2006 for Recording Engineer. I am currently attending again for Pre-Mortuary which I plan to transfer to P.I.M.S. I recently; February of 2010 achieved the "National Honors Society Psi-Beta 2010". "
Jake Fletcher, Hazleton PA

"I graduated in 1996 with a Certificate of Specialization in Medical Office Assistant/Transcription with ICD9 Coding as well. "
Sherryl, Dallas PA

"LCCC was a great starting point for me. I am glad to see the college prosper. If I did not get my 1st degree here with great professors I would of been turned off to go back to school to get my DMD."
Dr. Anita Masaitis, Hays MT

"I graduated from L.C.C.C in 2007. I majored in Health and Physical Education & Movement Sciences. This helped me with my career as an LPN. I currently work for Penn Treaty Network America. I am a case management nurse. My responsibilities are handling home health care policies. My education at L.C.C.C helped me obtain the job I currently have."
Susan Davis, Easton PA

"LCCC provided me with the tools to succeed in my career which I attribute to the low student to instructor ratio and quality of instruction. I am a graduate of the Fire Science Technology (1981) and Mechanical Design (1986) programs at LCCC. After graduating, I had a profound interest in Fire Protection and secured a job with a local mechanical contractor as a project draftsman as a mechnical designer for building systems specializing in sprinkler design. After working a few years I moved on to working for consulting engineering firms as a mechanical designer. After years of working and studying engineering fundamentals I was able to sit for my Engineer-In-Training exam in 1995, After passing this test, and gaining the required practical experience, I was able to take my exam and become a Licenced Professional Engineer in 1999. Additionally, I have obtained professional engineering licensure in other states to practice. Today, I am a Principal and Director of Mechanical Engineering for a medium-sized local consulting engineering firm where I am responsible for the design and management of mechanical and fire protection engineering projects for healthcare, commercial, industrial, and government clients across the country. Additionally, I am working on attaining my BS in Fire Science through the University of Maryland. I attribute my success to the educational foundation that I received at LCCC. "
Lawrence Marchetti, PE, CFPS, Wilkes-Barre PA

"Attended LCCC back in 1982, and enjoyed myself and the classes very much so. I am now working for the STate of Nj Dept. of Labor and have been there for 25 years now. If anyone out there was there at that time, give me a shout out..."
Susan Hovanec, Morrisville PA

"I graduated from LCCC in May of 2009, with my Associates Degree in Human Services, and also with a higher GPA than I ever thought possible. I am now enrolled to go to Misericordia University to continue my education. LCCC was an absolutely wonderful school with experienced teachers and professors. They did such a wonderful job! I wish all teachers can be like that. Thank you LCCC!!"
Carrie Erwine, wapwallopen PA

"After 31 years as a steelworker my life has taken a sudden turn. With layoffs due to a lack of work, and encouragement to further educate myself, I have decided to enroll at Luzerne County Community College for the fall of 2009. I am as excited as a 18 year old boy. Eager to learn, and lacking in any post high school education, I am confident of the teachers at Luzerne, and my willingness to learn. I would like to thank everyone who made that possible. Peace to all! Dean K. Anoia"
Dean Anoia, Bloomsburg PA

"I attended LCCC from fall 2004 to fall 2006, and graduated with an Associate's Degree in Journalism. Like many students who go to LCCC, I had taken some time off between high school and graduation. During my time off, I lived in Brooklyn and pursued my dreams of becoming a writer. 5 years later, I found myself back in Pennsylvania, feeling no closer to my goals than before. I decided it was time to go back to school. On the suggestion of some friends, I majored in Journalism. My friends had promised me that the Jor. program at LCCC would help me to become a better writer than I was. Not only was that the case, but the professors in the department, Ed Ackerman and Andy Petonak, helped me regain the confidence in myself and my abilities that I had lost in the 5 years I was struggling to work on my writing. They provided feedback, and helped convince me that I shouldn't give up on my dreams. Now, I am 6 credits shy of my Bachelor's degree in Creative Writing at New School University in Manhattan. I teach Journalism in an after-school program in Brooklyn. I'm getting ready to apply for MFA programs at some of the best writing schools in the country. None of this would have happened if I hadn't started out at LCCC. While I've been taught by Pulitzer Prize winners and world-renowned translators at my new college, none of these professors compare to the ones I had at LCCC. Not only are Ed and Andy excellent teachers and wonderful writers, they are also great human beings. As their former student, I feel lucky to have learned from them. "
Pamela DiFrancesco, Brooklyn NY

" Attending LCCC was a great way to start my higher education. When I transfered to Kings after earning my associate degree, I was properly prepared for the next two years. I truly enjoyed the atmosphere at the college and I found the teaching staff to be excellent and the facilities outstanding. I would recommend the college to anyone."
Michael, shavertown PA

"I graduated from LCCC in 1998 with a nursing degree. I have been an Administrative RN for several years now; working in Scranton. I am so thankful for my education and never expected to be this far in my nursing career at this point. I plan on going further with more education. The best news is; my 18 year old daughter will be starting LCCC this fall '09, and she will take after her mom (nursing of course), with the best nursing instructors in PA, all of them! "
Andrea Rizzo, Edwardsville PA

"I graduated in 1978 from the (former) secretarial science program. I have fond memories of LCC, and remember the wonderful faculty who were so devoted and caring - Mrs. Nagle, Mrs. Jenkins, Mr. Cole, Mr. Jenkins...I was very well prepared. I'm a recent graduate of Misericordia University with a master's degree, but it all started in Nanticoke! To all current students - value your time at LCC. It's a GREAT place!"
Sue Barry, Dallas PA

"I attended LCCC 2003-2005 for Business Microsoft Office. I am now working for the state as a Clerk Typist 3. My education is paying off! I am seeking a wedding photographer, hopefully a current student looking to enhance their portoflio. Please contact me at my email address or above phone number. It is an October 2010 wedding. Thank you!!!!"
Heather Shark, Freeland PA

"I graduated from LCCC Shamokin Campus in May 2008 with an Associates Degree in Social Sciences. I am currently enrolled at Bloomsburg University in the Sicaol Work program. I also work full-time at Northwestern Academy, a facility for adjudicated and delinquent youth. I will be graduating with a Bachelors in Social Work in 2010. "
Jim Beach, Shamokin PA

" Upon graduating from LCCC in May of 1995 with a degree in Electronics Engineering Technology, I applied and was accepted in Bloomsburg University?s Education Department. While there, I became a member of Alpha Phi Omega service fraternity and a member of Delta Kappa Pi honor society. I majored in Secondary Education with a concentration in Earth and Space Science and a minor in Geology and graduated Cum Laude in May of 1999. I accepted a job offer from Davidson County Schools in Lexington, North Carolina. I started my teaching career as a Science/Math teacher at Tyro Middle School. I since have taken classes at Winston-Salem State University and High Point University am now certified to teach Mathematics, and am also certified to teach the Academically and Intellectually Gifted. Since 2004 I have been the Chairperson of the Mathematics department for Tyro Middle School and am the County Office Mathematics Liaison for my school. I currently teach Algebra and Pre-Algebra. I was the Head Softball Coach for Tyro for 8 years and am currently the Assistant Athletics Director for Tyro and the Women?s Track and Field Coach for West Davidson High School, which Tyro feeds in to. In September of 2000 I was married to Amy (Sewalk) who graduated from LCCC in December of 1995, with a Degree in Surgical Technology. Amy accepted a position at Berwick Hospital in December of 1995 and left Berwick in the fall of 1999. She has since been employed as a Surgical Technician at Moses Cone Hospital in Greensboro, North Carolina and has been there ever since where she has reached the status of Surgical Tech. IV, which makes her the lead Technician for the Orthopedics Department. Amy is currently working full time and attending North Carolina State A&T University full time working on her Bachelors degree in Nursing. Amy is anticipating graduating in the spring of 2008, and will continue to work at Moses Cone after graduation as an R.N. It has been a long journey since my first classes at LCCC in the fall of 1992, but all was well worth it. My education at LCCC opened doors that I never imagined would be opened for me. I wouldn?t trade my experiences at Luzerne for anything in the world. It is truly a great place to start. I would encourage anyone to go to Luzerne to get their careers started; there is nothing to be ashamed of by going to a Community College. Education is definitely the way to improve your life and have a better quality of life for you and your family. I would like to take some time to thank the most influential person in my educational career, Carl Eddy. Mr. Eddy was my favorite professor at Luzerne, he taught me more about Electronics than I could have ever imagined. Even though I am sure I let him down by not pursuing my Bachelors degree in Electronics, he taught me more about education than any education professor at Bloomsburg University ever did. I use some of the same teaching techniques as he did and I also use his compassion and love of the subject to make my students learn and like being in my classes. I teach my students about the ?Concepts? of Algebra just like Mr. Eddy unknowingly taught me about the ?Concepts? of a good education. "
Kevin Troy, Thomasville NC

"I graduated in 2006 from LCCC as a Surgical Technologist. I am currently working in the Surg. Tech. field and recently got accepted in the Nursing program at LCCC's Kulpmont campus. I am looking forward to starting classes in the fall 09 because i feel i had a great education at LCCC (especially Mrs.Owens, Liz and Eddie). Anyone with words of wisdom who graduated from the Nursing program feel free to e-mail me!"
Rachelle Johnson, Ashland PA

"i was accepted for summer/january admission. anyone have any suggestions how I can move up to summer/fall admission? I would really like to start in the summer/fall. Thanks."
Alexis Angelone, Lansdale PA

"I graduated in May 2003 with an AAS in computer information systems."
David Lance, Tunkhannock PA

"I graduated August 2007 as a Surgical Technologist. I have been working at Geisinger Danville since Nov. 5, 2007. Just stopping by to say HI and thank you to all that made this possible. "
Maria Sparks, Freeland PA

"I graduated in 1996 with an Associates Degree in Dental Business Assisting and in 1998 with Associate Degrees in Dental Hygiene and General Studies. Luzerne County Community College has a magnificent dental program that prepares any student for the future. The teachers are professional and are passionate about helping every student reach their fullest potential. I am now a full-time Registered Dental Hygienist with the Department of Corrections It is because of the education I have received at LCCC that I have accomplished my career goal. "
Marcia Tomaszewski, Dupont PA

"I graduated from LCCC's Food Production Management program in May of 2000. Then I moved to Florida to get my Bachelor's degree in Business. In the meantime I worked in a few great restaurants in FL. It was definately the time of my life gathering all the OTJ experience. I moved home in December of 2001 after I graduated with my Bachelors in Business, and worked for several restaurants in the Berwick/Bloomsburg area, including The Inn at Turkey Hill. While working there I met who would become my husband, Chris. We got married in 2003 and had a beautiful baby girl, Samantha, in 2004. Since then I have been working for CVS Pharmacy as a Certified Pharmacy Technician, and have currently started attending LCCC again for Medical Office Assistant/Transcription/Medical Billing. It's a great learning experience and I'm always busy, so it keeps me out of trouble. I would like to get in touch with some of the gang that I went to LCCC with the first time. (1998-2000) so if you are on here, please feel free to contact me. Until then, Take Care, JANA :)"
Jana, Berwick PA

"Attended L Tri C 1969-70. My first college experience and I enjoyed it so much. In fact I'm still taking courses to this day and will soon have a psychology degree. Although I'm now an "old lady" this school embodied all that is good in community college education. Yay, Schneck Tech!"
Dawn , Voorhees NJ

"I graduated in 1996 with Associates Degree in the CIS \ IT program. I am currently the Network Administrator over 1200 networked computers within our Scranton PA. Office."
Jeffrey Bennett, Hanover Township PA

"I was a student at LCCC in 1978-1980,I completed my Associates Degree in Criminal Justice May 1980(my goal was to be a state Trooper),but the Governer at that time closed the classes for four years. So I was in Nursing(nurses-aide)so I attended Wilkes-Barre Area Voc-tech school in 1989-1990,completed & graduated the LPN program, I have been in nursing since feb 28,1972.I enjoy what I do as a Nurse,I am also a State-certified Nurses-aide trainer,attended classes in December 2006.My goals were realized because of a local college,I thank God everyday for these schools. Tom Dietrick"
Thomas Dietrick, Catasauqua PA

"I am a 1988 graduate receiving AA in Business Management also AA in Information Systems. Enjoyed attedning LCCC at age 53. Since then have entertained many faucets of employment, finally counselor at a juvenile delinquent service agency. Retiring "finally" next year. Good luck to all graduates and future grads."
Walter Williams, Wilkes Barre PA

"I graduated in 1970 from LC3. Had a great time and a great education. Good memories of professors Brooke Yeager, Robert Janosov, Mike Kelly. Only two buildings then, the Hotel Sterling annex and a former funerla parlor, just down the street. Parking was across the bridge in Kingston which made for a heck of a walk in the winter. I spent a lot of time in the basement cafeteria with many many good friends. I went on to Mansfield State College graduating in 72 where I met my wife of 35 yeas, I was commissioned as an officer in the US Navy. I spent 29 years in the Navy retiring in 2001. I am now with SAIC, a large science and technology company. Old friends or new ones, drop me a line."
Frank DeMasi, Virginia Beach VA

"95' grad Business Management - I currently work here at the college as an admissions representative. The college is a great learning institution for both recent grads and for adult learners who have been out of school for some time. I'm very pleased with my experience here at the college. For I know from experience that our instructors are top notch. Without meeting Mr. Curry and Mr. Leary I would have never attended. Mr. Curry was very motivational and encouraged me to get involved in Circle K and Mr. Leary approved my application for Intercollegiate Leadership. I remain active in the Alumni association and have served as an offcier and chair our annual flea market & collectible show in May. I currently advise the Adult Learner Assocaition, Alpha Sigma Lambda, and Student Ambassador club with the assistance of MR. Curry and Mr Domzalski here on campus."
Ed Hennigan, Wyoming PA

"I've recently graduated from the Surgical Technology program and can't wait to start my career as a Surg Tech. I want to thank all my classmates and especially Liz and Eddie for all their support and encouragement. I will miss all of you dearly and hope we can keep in touch. GO CLASS OF 2007! YAY! p.s. we have to meet up next August for a Knoebels"
Bonnie Brizgint, Mountain Top PA

"I attended LCCC 1970-73 when located on River Street in Wilkes-Barre. Had a great time there, met wonderful people and faculty. There were a lot of changes going on in the country at that time and I'm happy to have been a part of those days, especially at the 'cube." Received an Associate in Science at the time. Although never intended, I have worked as a civilian for the Department of Army for the past 30 years and presently serve as a Logistics Management Specialist. Attending LCCC were some of the best days of my life. Hey if anyone knows how I can get in contact with an Art Williams who attended at the same time as me, please let me know. Last known address was in northern california. peace...mike "
Mike Bednar, Dallas PA

"As a graduate of the classes of 1987, 1991 and 2002, and proud recipient of the Alumni Outstanding Graduate Award in 1991, I continue to carry in my heart a deep loyalty to LCCC. This community college provided me the opportunity to obtain a college education on a part-time basis while raising three beautiful daugters. It allowed us to grow in so many ways. Life has its many twists and turns and LCCC still helps and guides individuals of diversified talents and backgrounds. This only enriched and broadened the needs met by making friends among varied generations within one classroom. Every one has something to offer each other in experience. It was great to receive excellent staff and alumni support in all areas. I am proud to say I graduated from LCCC as well as my three daughters who continued their education in higher institutions. Their abiliy to start at very young ages and be active on campus while I attended classes enhanced their resumes and lives and laid a great foundation of higher social skills and increased confidence witht he same thirst for learning. Thank you LCCC staff and alumni!"
Cathy Shulna, Nanticoke PA

"I graduated Magna Cum Laude from LCCC in May 2005 with an AAS in Travel & Tourism Management. After graduation, I married and relocated to Georgia and the beautiful Golden Isles. After some time off to relax and settle in here, I landed a job as a Travel Agent at an agency located on Saint Simons Island, Georgia. My education at LCCC and my wonderful teachers including Mrs. Joan Spudis, Mr. John Kravich, and Ms. Kathleen Clemente, provided me with the opportunity to fulfill my dreams. Happy Travels to all!"
Christina Bates, Brunswick GA

"Graduated from LCCC in '69. BSEE from PSU in '71. Completed MBA from Averett College in '93. Working for local government in Northern Virginia. "
Ralph Rossi, Nokesville VA

"I began my college career at the School in the temporary class rooms after the Agnes Flood of 1972. I am very proud to see the college become what it is today. I acquired an Associates in Criminal Justice in 1980. I have continued my education, I attended a Nursing Program at Wilkes-Area Voc/tech school in Dec 1989, I have my LPN license since June of 1990.I am currently working in Nursing,moving forward I am registerd at Lehigh/Carbon Community College in Schnesville-Main campus at age 57. Thank you for giving the start I needed. I also have a daughter who will graduate from Penn State on May 19,2007. Tom Dietrick"
Thomas Dietrick, Catasauqua PA

" Class of "97" rulez, Broadcasting has lead me down some strange paths. I work for St. Jude's Medical, LCCC has definately helped me grow into the successful person I am today. Thank you to all who have been a part of my life. "
April "flowers" Bunje, N/A NJ

"I graduated class of 1994. In May of 2007 I will finally graduate with a Bachelor of Business Adminiatration from College Misericordia's Expressway Program. Thank You LCCC for making it possible for me to get my B.M.A. I started my postsecondary education in 1978. So what's wrong with taking 27 years to finish a 4 year degree? Now it's time to do something with it. I now have to find a job and put it to use. I am open to any prospective offers or leads. Congatulations LCCC on your 40th anniversity."
MaryBeth Rice, Freeland PA

"I graduated class of 2006. I will be attending Bloomsburg University in the fall of 2007. I am working on a double History and English major. I would like to teach college upon completion of my Master's degree. "
Lewis Rice, Freeland PA

"I am a '04 graduate with an A.A.S. in Education. Currently, I am pursuing my Bachelor's in Human Services (sure, now human services and online classes are offered!! LOL!) My best memories of college are from LCCC. Many thanks to your dedicated administrative staff, and of course your great professors! Lastly, thank you to the Dental Department for all the work-study experience I gained while there, it was a pleasure. "
Melodie Long, Beaver Meadows PA

"Graduated in 1992 with A.A.S degree in Broadcast Communications. Following graduation I pursued a short career in radio in the local area Hazleton/Berwick/Bloomsburg mostly. I am currently working as the Community Educator through Wise Options at the YWCA in Williamsport. I can honestly say that it was my broadcast comm learning experiences that helped me get the position. Thanks to the great faculty at the ATC--Ron Reino, John Monick and Kathy Bozinski--for putting up with all of us! "
tracy mariano, williamsport PA

"I miss playing Ping Pong in the student center, the deli up the street with a big Polish name, Ron Reino, and Ed Ackerman. Class of 1995! Are the potholes still all over in Nanticoke?"
Tom Woods, Delran NJ

"1994 Graduate from Broadcast Comm. I live in Tampa now and work for a major bank. Do weekends with my local band Hope everyone is well Thanks for everything LCCC"

"I am a graduate of "The Cube" from 1997 in graphic design. I have worked in newspaper advertising the first 6 years after graduation. I am now working in the field of vehicle graphics for the last 4 years. LCCC was a great decision for me. I would like to thank Judy Hatcher, who was a adjunct teacher in graphic design, for giving me the opportunity to experience painting with passion and symbolism. Her independent study was a valued experience and continues to guide my art."
Ruth Proietto, Plymouth PA

"Hi,its Chatty Cathy class of 92'. I was very active in the Circle K Club and the SGA. I commend Dean Leary and Mr. Curry on a great job they did of teaching me the leadership skills that I have today. I work as a Partial Hospitalization Program Secretary making many executive decisions in the lives of children everyday. This school taught me the responsibilities of the real world. I met Mr. Curry today in the Laurel Mall and he asked me about joining the Alumni of LCCC. It is a thought considering my god daughter will be attending in another 2 years. Going to LCCC was the best thing I could have ever done. Circle K rules, go Anthracite Division. Chat later, toodles...."
Cathryn C. Johnson, Drums PA

"Hail graduates and former students of "The Cube". Although I left LCCC in 1980, I have tried to follow her progress through my son,newspaper accounts, and now the Innernet.To say that I have been very proud of the progress in student population growth and physical plant expansion, would be an understatement.Being there at the beginning of the college, digging her out of the mud of Agnes, and involvement in the construction of a new campus, is like being at the birth of a child and then witnessing the growth of that child. Mary and I Winter in Florida from December through April so if you are in the Sebring area stop at Whisper Lake and say hello."
Dr. David R. Duncan, Fayetteville PA


"I proudly second Rebecca's comment! I received my AAS in Broadcast Communications Technology at LCCC in 2005. I feel like I can write a book about my dream experience here -- and that's to say the least. I was born and raised in West Africa, and I immigrated here at a very difficult time in my life. But lucky for me, LCCC was my first step in America. I found a place where students come first: where I was not only given a chance to make something of my life, but the faculty and staff gave me the courage, the support and the tools I needed to be successful. My teachers were exceptional, I miss them and I keep in touch with them to this day. Even though I never had a job in my country, at LCCC I found people who believed in me. I was a work-study for Admissions, an intern for the Marketing and PR department; yet Phi Theta Kappa, Amnesty International, SGA, Circle K, WSFX, Diversity Committee and Drama Club are just a few groups I am proud to have been a member of. I acquired leadership skills, the ability to set goals and work to accomplish them -- not to mention networking within the community. Today, I am a transfer student at Harvard University DCE working toward my BA. Moreover, I am a part-time employee for one of our computer labs in Media Services at school. I was hired solely because the media related classes I took at LCCC qualified me for this job. Therefore as a techie-chick and a full-time student, I say the ATC building rocks!!! To Lisa Owen and Bonnie: Don?t forget about me! :)"
Aminata M.C. Cham, Watertown MA

"I graduated magna cum laude from LCCC in 2005 with an AAS in Journalism. Now I am less than 30 credits away from completing my BA in Communication Studies at Wilkes. Mr. Ackerman, Mr. Petonak, and Mr. McHugh not only helped to prepare me for my studies at Wilkes, but went above and beyond both as teachers and friends. They actually took the time to sit down and LISTEN to what I had to say. They guided me in my major and in my life. These fine academic professors deserve all of the respect in the world."
Rebecca Bria, Plains PA

"I graduated in May 2003 with an AAS in Computer Information Systems."
David Lance, Tunkhannock PA

"I am a 1990 graduate of the nursing program. I completed my B.A. at Graceland College in 2000 and recently my M.A. at Marywood University in Scranton, Pa. I am now an educator teaching Adults in health programs. I am so happy for the education I received at Luzerne. It truly gave me a start on my career."
Suzanne Needham, R.N., Kingsley PA.

"I graduated from the Nursing program in 1999. I can honestly say that it was one of the hardest but most rewarding things I have ever done. Without the help of instructors like Mr. Jeffrey Beach RN, Ms. Ann Keiser RN and countless others I could have never achieved my dream of becoming the nurse that I am today. "
Anthony Casale, Enola PA

"1977 graduate of the Arch.Engr. program. 2005 graduate of the Misericordia expressway program in Business Administration. Working in Mountain Top, PA "
Bill Wengrzynek, Mountain Top PA

"I graduated in May 2003 with an AAS in Computer Information Systems."
David Lance, Tunkhannock PA

"I graduated in the summer of '72, but my final week of school was interrupted by Hurricane Agnes. I went on to Mansfield State College and received a teaching degree in Special Education. I taught for C.S.I.U. FOR 7+ years and then took a job with DPW at Selinsgrove Center. I've been a supervisor there for 23 years. I have fond memories of LCCC, especially of Mrs. Harpersberger the switch board operator, Mr. Kennedy and Mr. Janosov. It certainly was a great way to begin my college career."
David M. Zack, Selinsgrove PA

"Formally from Forty Fort I graduated from LCCC in '70 and went on to Mansfield State, now known as Mansield University and graduated in 1972. After teaching several years, I have spent 28 years in Law Enforcement in the Reading, PA area. The knowledge I gained at LCCC allowed me to become successful in my life's profession and to advance to the position of Training Director of the Reading Police Academy my last six years with the P.D. I would love to hear from some of my classmates!"
Gordon, Bernville (Reading) PA

"There is not a day that goes by that I don't fondly remember LCCC and the many people I met in my years of attendance. Several of those people will remain in my heart forever. LCCC and those people shaped my life forver. Patti, Sue and Mark will remain friends I cherish. Faculty such as Ed Ackerman and Ron Reino will remain in my heart as more than just teachers, but friends and individuals that have shaped my life and career for the better. There aren't enough words to describe my praise and gratitude to these finer than fine folk. My life began the day I came to LCCC. My heart is still there and I hope one day to return to teach there."
Jacqueline Dercole, Tresckow PA

"I am a 1973 graduate of LCCC.......back when the college was located on North River Street In Wilkes-Barre with a conglomeration of buildings in the neighborhood. Our class was the first to graduate after the great flood of 1972. Thanks to LCCC, I was able to earn an associates degree and then a bachelors degree (King's 1976). After a long career, I was finally able to retire. Mike Maday, Edwardsville PA. "
Mike Maday, Edwardsville PA

" I'm a new 2005 grad of LCCC's Kulpmont campus nursing program! I am (or was)a non-traditional student that decided to return to college to further my career in the medical field. I was really glad to have a program so close to home. Now I am anxiously waiting to take the NCLEX exam and become a full fledged RN!!!! "
Dawne Domanski, Sunbury PA

"I am a 1996 graduate from LCCC. I studied in the Commercial Art program specializing in computer graphics. LCCC prepared me to enter the work force and become a successful IT professional. I encourage everyone who is about to enter collage to study at LCCC because you make new friends and it prepares you for the road that is ahead. "HI" to everyone who may know me."
Bo Szpynda, Sterling Heights MI

"just seeing if anyone remembers me or would be nice to hear from anyone! JOSH.....especially you! **Amanda**"
Amanda Bean, Muncy PA

"I graduated from LCCC in 2001 with an A.A.S. in C.A.D. I was a member of the Cross Country team in 1998 and 1999. I currently work for Atlantic Equipment Specialist, a company that renovates food service areas in colleges and hospitals all over the country. I had a lot of friends at LCCC that I lost touch with, if your one of them Email me it would be great to see how you have been."
Tim Miknich Jr., Bloomsburg PA

"I am a graduate of the class of 1997. LCCC was one of the greatest experiences in my life. It gives hope for those who feel that college was not meant for them. It gave me hope. I obtained a degree in Broadcast Communication and although I am not working in that field, just the college experience is enough to land me a state job working with juveniles. Thanks LCCC administation, staff, and students for a wonderful experience."
Fred "Ricky" Cephas, Milford DE

"I graduated from LCCC in 1999 and transfered to Bloomsburg Univ. where I finished with a B.S. in Education. I thought LCCC was a great school to start because the education there is just as good as anywhere else. I am now in my 3rd year of dental school @ Temple University in Philadelphia and I wouldn't trade my experience at LCCC for anything, it was a great start for me. Alot of people think you have to start off going to big universities to get a doctorate degree but that's certainly not true. I recommend LCCC every chance I get and will continue to do so in the future. I would love to come back and speak with the dental hygiene students and volunteer some time to helping other students succeed. "
Ken Foster, Philadelphia PA

"I graduated recently from LCCC in the Spring of 2004 with an AAS in Human Services. LCCC was the best experience that I've ever had. I am now at Misericordia for a Bachelors degree in Social Work, but I still wish I could have stayed at LCCC for 4 years. I had some great teachers at LCCC who have done so much for me. My second year at LCCC a new club was formed called The Literary Arts Society. I had the best time in that club and made some great friends. I'd like to send out a special thanks to Mary Stchur my English teacher and advisor to LAS, without you I would not be where I am today. "
Sarah Wasko, Pittston PA

"I graduated from LCCC in the August 2003 and should have walked at the Arena in 2004 but missed the opportunity. I am currently at Bloomsburg University as a Senior (finally!!) and will graduate next summer with a BA in Marketing. LCCC was great both times I went & I agree that it should be a 4 year college! Bloomsburg just isn't the same!! "
Melissa Hilpp, Wilkes-Barre PENNSYLVANIA

"Graduated from LCCC in 2000 w/an A.A.S. in broadcast communications technology...i got married 3 yrs ago & still live in the area...i currently work at CaremarkPCS (formerly AdvancePCS)"
Heidi Adams, Wilkes-Barre PA

"I'm a graduate of the Journalism Communications curriculum. I spent four rewarding semesters as a writer and editor for The Outlook, Luzerne?s student run newspaper, ? a wonderful experience, from which I learned much. I went to Luzerne because I could not afford to attend any other school. Thanks to some wonderful professors I made the dean?s list numerous times and became heavily involved in student activities such as The Outlook, The Diversity Equity Partnership and Phi Theta Kappa. I don?t know what type of dead-end job I?d be working or where I?d be now if I hadn?t had the opportunity to attend Luzerne and learn from such fine professors and individuals. Andrew Petonak, Ed Ackerman, Janis Seeley, Anna Mary McHugh, Anne Holmes, Laura Katrenicz, Thomas McHugh, and Matthew Brady were just a few of the extraordinary faculty members who pushed me to excel and to graduate cum laude. I?ve continued my education at Bloomsburg University. And have returned to the dean?s list several times. I?ve written for and served as Assistant Editor at Spectrum Magazine an Associated Collegiate Press Hall of Fame Member and Columbia Scholastic Press Association Gold Medalist. I also spent a summer doing an internship at Wilkes-Barre?s finest newspaper, The Citizens? Voice. This December I graduate with honors from Bloomsburg University and plan to continue my education in graduate school and beyond. The point: none of this would have been possible without Luzerne County Community College. Thank you to all the wonderful people who helped me achieve and exceed my goals. "
Jeremy Grad, Drums PA

"I graduated in 1998. I loved LCCC! I miss LCCC. I've gone to other schools, but nothing compares to the incredible professors and second to none learning atomsphere at LCCC or L-tri C as we used to call it. "
Monique Powell, Philadelphia PA

"I attended LCCC from Summer 1977 through graduation in May 1980 with an Associates in Science degree. I moved to Socorro, New Mexico, to attend pursue an environmental engineering degree. Didn't happen. Worked in an aerosol physics lab funded by the U.S. DOE for several years before pursuing a Professional Writing degree (English/Biology) from the Univ. of NM. I've been working as a Science/Technical Writer/Editor for the past 16 years, mostly for the national laboratories, but most recently for a high-tech spin-off firm. I travel to northeast PA whenever I get the chance. I miss friends and the friendliness of the Wyoming Valley. I'm tired of NM allergies and am getting burned out on all of the sun (no pun intended)."
John A. Stikar, Albuquerque NEW MEXICO

"I went through the READY program in Hazleton and I have to say the college and it's staff are very nice and accomodating"
Rob Heckman, Lehighton PA

"Graduated the class of 1997 with an A.A.S in Architectural Engineering Technology. "
Melissa Boyd, Charlotte NORTH CAROLINA

"Graduated in 1985 with an Associates in Commercial Art. Tried the Starving Artist gig for about 3 years. Now I am inspecting U.S. Nuclear Facilities Nationwide. I still dabble in photography and recently submitted work to my first national magazine."
Jay Perry, Benton PA

"I graduated from LCCC in 1977 with an Associate's Degree in Education and received my Bachelor's Degree from Bloomsburg State College in 1979. The Upper Perkiomen School District hired me as an English teacher and baseball coach in 1979. While at Upper Perkiomen, I have earned a Master's Degree from Temple University and a PA Administrative Certificate from Penn State University. I have been at Upper Perkiomen for the past 25 years and currently serve as the middle school principal. I still talk about the positive educational foundation and great professors at LCCC. A special "Thank You" to Mr. Carson, my English professor at LCCC, who was my guiding influence to enter the educational field."
Duane L. Wickard, Jr., East Greenville PENNSYLVANIA 18041

"How I wish that L.C.C.C. could have been a four year college. What an awesome place to learn. I miss it so much! Sincerely, Mary Ellen Konetski (1978)"
Mary Ellen (Loftus) Konetski, Ashley PA

"I graduated in 2002! I loved my teachers, I loved the campus and the students very much. It's a great school when you want to start over in life with the education that LCCC gives you and it's great for kids that come out right out of high school. "
Maria Thalassinou, Mountaintop PENNSYLVANIA

"Graduation and Deployment Lieutenant Ryan Quinn, son of Irene and Joseph Quinn of Shamokin, received a master‚??s degree in education from Bloomsburg University on December 12, 2003. Ryan is a 1990 graduate of Shamokin Area High School. In 1992, Ryan graduated from Luzerne Country Community College with an A.A.S. degree in Emergency Medical Services and went on to receive a B.A. in history from Bloomsburg University where he was a member of Phi Alpha Theta, the prestigious National Honors Society in history. Ryan enlisted in the Army as an Infantryman and completed his infantry training at Ft. Benning, Georgia. He joined the Pennsylvania Army National Guard and was assigned a grenadier position with Co B 1/109th Infantry stationed out of Williamsport. Ryan later facilitated a transfer to Co C (MED) 228th FSB in Allentown and accepted a commission in the Medical Service Corp where he is currently serving as the Executive Officer of the medical company. Two days after graduation on December 14, 2003, Lieutenant Quinn and a fellow officer in the National Guard departed for the Andes Mountains in Bolivia, South America to conduct a reconnoiter of an area where their medical company will be deploying in the spring. Upon his return, Lieutenant Quinn will report to Ft. Sam Houston, Texas for further training and will then return to Bolivia in April to complete his company‚??s mission. "
Ryan Quinn, Bloomsburg PA

"I graduated in May 1996. I studied photography. I have been able to aquire work everywhere I have lived in the past seven to eight years. I miss NorthEast PA and Luzerne County Community Collleg. Atlanta is alot of fun I was managing a Photo-lab here for about four-years. They were purcahased recently. The new company filed bankruptcy. Please e-mail me if any alumni have any leads. Take care. Frank M. Brazill"
Frank Brazill, Atalanta GA

"Graduated May 95 with AAS in Computer Graphics. Now working for large insurance co in Maine."
Kerry Thorne, Portland ME

"As a non-traditional student, LCCC was an excellent college experience. I decided to go to college after serving eight years in the military. LCCC soothed a lot of the anxieties and apprehension that an adult learner experiences, and I would be most proud to recommend LCCC to any- and every adult contemplating returning to college."
Trish Blystone, Hazleton PENNSYLVANIA

"I just graduated from LCCC in May of 2003, with a Diploma for Recording Engineering. I have so many memories of The ATC, and all the fun we had in the studios... There are so many inside jokes, I don't know where to start. I was the only girl to stick it out all year, and I'm glad that I did - I will never forget the friends I made and the fun I had. Heads up to Paul Sinclair, the best teacher I have ever had, by far. He and my classmates made the past year the most memorable of my life (so far) and I'm looking forward to seeing my classmates' names in lights. Coolada Enchalida forever!"
Alecia Morris, Larksville PA

"I finished my education at LCCC in December of 2002 and recieved my diploma on stage at the First Union Arena on May 29, 2003. What LCCC has done for my self confidence has beem absolutely amazing. I started going to evening classes about four and a half years ago just to see how I would like it and here I am now a College Graduate of LCCC and going on further in the fall to College Misericordia and going for my Bacholer's degree in Social Work. I used to be someone who never ever expected to recieve a college degree. But thanks to LCCC and it's teachers, I have a whole new confidence and now believe I can accomplish anything. Thank you LCCC, I'll never forget this school as long as I live."
Gary Biscontini, Old Forge PENNSYLVANIA

"I love LCCC - My education is very important to me and what I have learned in the many classes I have taken; helped me to help my community and neighbors. The staff at the college really wants everyone to be educated and successful. I always inform people to look into the LCCC courses because everyone can benefit from what is offered!"
Linda J. Stets, Wilkes-Barre PA

"Class of 98, with an AAS in Motorsports Technology. I haven't used what I have learned directly, but it was a great experiance. Bob Lauer was a great teacher and boss after graduation. Had some good times in Nanticoke, even if it was cold and snowy. Slowly continuing my education at the University of Maryland. "
Kris Smith, Columbia MD

"Would you believe, I graduated in 1971!! there were only 2 buildings then, and they were on River Street. I went on to Mansfield U. I have very fond memories on the cube, and got an excellent education."
Carrole A.Kite (DiLuzio), Sugarloaf PA

"Graduated from LCCC in 1991 with a degree in Photography. Went on to get a degree in Mass Comm from King's. Spent most of my professional career working in Administration. Moved to Maryland in 1997. I know own a used and collectible book business with my husband, Jim Mullay. "
Pam "Vitkauskas" Mullay, Laurel MD

"Lccc Rocks I graduated in 1997 with and AAS in Food Prod Mgmt. Iwould love to come back and teach In their food service dept."
Keith Ratamess, Berwick PA

"I graduated in December 2002 from LCCC with AAS in education. I go to Penn State Schuylkill in schuylkill haven, right outside of Pottsville part time and have part of my classes at can't leave it's a black hole.... I was gonna be a teacher but I have another passion the to kayak, climb, bike, and run in the woods... I'm taking park and recreation management with a minor in Anthroplogy. I might transfer to Kutztown University in the fall. Do I have to mention I love to travel. I have to give all my success and credit to Sam Joseph, he's a great teacher and person and became a good friend. I'll never forget him and I tell everyone down at the Gorge about him..hes famous. Oh by the way any guys in the area I'm single too....*smiles* "
Kate Wilson, McAdoo PENNSYLVANIA

"I graduated from LCCC in 1980. I eventually moved here to Vermont in 1991. I am working as an administrative assistant for the school construction program at the Vt Dept. of Education. My name when I went to the college was Donna Allen. I was VP and President of the Circle K and also a freshman representative."
Donna, Northfield VERMONT

"I graduated from LCCC in the yr of 2001. I really enjoyed my time there. I was only supposed to be there for two yrs, but as it turned out I was there for four. Along with the help of my parents, teachers, counselor- Mr. George Elias, and administration (mainly a couple of deans- who shall remain nameless)- I was able to stick out the semesters that I had attended and actually made the honor roll my last semester. I was so confused with my majors that I changed it four times. I ended up with a degree in General Studies. I made lots of friends there- including some guys- who I won't name and I had two best friends who I don't even talk to anymore- I wish I knew how to contact all of my friends I had at LCCC. There are a few teachers who I can give a lot of credit for me wanting to stay in school and stick it out- they are: Mrs. Ancharski- who made my group class fun, Mrs. Harry- who inspired me to look towards the arts, Mr. Brady- who was just a kick a** teacher, Mrs. O'Connor- who got me interested in the mind and body of psychology, and last but not least Mr. Pisaneschi- who made his class fun by talking about his grandkids and family and didn't make me afraid to get up in front of people and talk!! I guess out of the yrs that I was there I can say that I truly enjoyed myself there even though it seemed helpless at times. If I have few words of advice for you it would be- Stay there and get your degree no matter how long it takes you. Right now, I am currently at King's College working on getting my bachelors in Psychology- let's see if thats how it turns out."
Christine McDaniels, Larksville PA

"I graduated from the cube in 1978 with an assoc. degree in education. My next stop was Millersville University. They were very impressed with the courses I had taken at L.C.C. and accepted 90% of them. I always wished that Luzerne county community was a four year program. The teachers were so caring and knowledgeable. THe small size classes added to the warmth and special feeling that is L.C.C.C. I teach Kindergarten at St. Nicholas-St. Mary's Catholic school , Wilkes-Barre. I still use my books and idea files from my years at the cube. Thanks!!!!!!!"
Mary Ellen (Loftus) Konetski, Ashley PENNSYLVANIA

"LCCC class of 1999. I continued my education at RIT where I received my Bachelor's Degree in Electrical Engineering Technology in May 2002."
Daniel K. Sarosky, Rochester NY

"I went to Bloomsburg University with a Laura Russo from Kingston, PA. She and I were roomated and best friends during that time. We both ended up leaving Bloomsburg after our sophmore year. She ended up taking classes at LCCC but I am not sure if she graduated. We kept in contact for many years but I have lost track of her. I do know that she got married and (last time I heard from her) had a baby girl named Savannah. I have been trying to contact her for years now but have had no luck because I don't know her married name. She went to the public highschool in Kingston and would have graduated in 1988. I forget her husbands name but I remember that he worked for the local tv station as a cameraman. If you know Laura, please email me with her new last name or contact information. Thanks so much! Betsy "
Betsy Denton, Heathrow FL

"Graduated in 1990 with an A.A.S. in broadcast communications technology. Received my master's degree in 2001 in communications management, and will receive my PhD in mid-2003."
Rick Ostopowicz, Silver Spring MD

"Graduated in '89 with a commercial art degree. I am in the Marine Corps using my degree as a combat artist and creating interactive multimedia."
Sharon McPeak, Richards NC

"I am currently a Paralegal and I would like to know if your college offers a Criminal Justice program."
Wendy Stone, Kingston PA

"I graduated with the class of 2002 with an Associates in Criminal Justice. I am now continuing my education through the Expressway program though Misery & LCCC. A big thanks to the Teachers at LCCC and staff for all the help and education I recieved. LCCC is a great starting point."
Angela Dragon, Plymouth PA

"I'm a member of the class of '99. And I graduated with a food production management degree. I'm having a great career so far. And many thanks to LCCC and the teachers."
Barry Kresge, Jr., Wilkes-Barre PA

"Graduated in '97 with a nursing degree - best thing I ever did! Living in Arizona and loving it (the sun shines over 300 days a year!) Making excellent money and the opportunities are endless - Hi to all the nursing instructors and thanks for a great education!"
Tammy Gidula, Mesa AR

"No Comment"
Linda DeAndrea, Hazleton PA

"I just finished my B.A., and I'm moving on soon to my Master's. Many thanks to LCCC and its teachers!"
Lauri Chapple, Shavertown PA