Parking at the Berwick Center

Entry to the College is by way of the municipal parking lot located behind Front Street, Berwick's main thoroughfare. Our offices are located in the lower level and are handicapped accessible. Students may utilize the municipal parking lot and adhere to the 2 hour parking limitation as posted. Students can also purchase parking permits, at a cost, through the city hall located on Market Street. These permit parking spots are assigned and designated in the municipal lot. Unrestricted parking is available outside the 100 block radius around the down town business area at no cost. A map showing this unrestricted parking option, within a short walk of the Center, is available at the Berwick Center office. Evening students can park in any of these areas as well as the M&T Bank and PNC lots after their business hours. The 2 hour time limitation is not enforced after 6:00 P.M.