Trail blazer: a person who marks a trail through wilderness areas.

Welcome to the Trailblazer's Career Path to Success.

As a student at Luzerne County Community College, your college mascot is Blaze - the Trailblazer's horse. As a college student you are just beginning to blaze your own trail from college to career. Blazing a trail, whether in the classroom or out in the wilderness, requires hard work, dedication and must be completed one step at a time. At LCCC, we are here to help guide you in your journey every step of the way - from your first class to your first job and beyond!


How To Use This Course

The Trailblazer's Career Path to Success is a free, online course will take you through the process of selecting a major to finding a job when you graduate. The course is made up of two modules: Career Exploration and Job Search. Each module contains lessons, assignments, and a short video or downloadable worksheets. When beginning a lesson, please read the introduction, watch the video or view the PDF handout, and then complete the assignment. After completing the assignment you may stop there, or move on to the next lesson.

This course is designed to be completed from beginning to end, or by just completing a single module, whatever is most useful to you at the time. However, you will gain the most benefit from this course if you complete all of the lessons in each module. If you are completing this course for a class, you may print out or email the results to your instructor.

When you finish a module, don't forget to complete the module's corresponding Summary and Survey. We want to hear your comments!

Tip: If are undecided about your major begin with Module I.
If you have already decided on a major or career and want to learn how to prepare a resume and find a job in that career, then jump to Module II.



If you have any questions about this course, or need more help planning your career or finding a job, please contact us at 570-740-0456 or uuhrin@luzerne.edu, or stop in room 124 located in Building 14 at Luzerne County Community College.