Prospective Students

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I apply and register for Distance Education Classes?
A: The same as you do for traditional academic classes at LCCC. Click here for LCCC's admissions page and application.

Q: How do I obtain an LCCC email address?
A: LCCC offers all registered students a free email account at Click on "Click here to create an account...". This email account is mandatory for all Distance Education students.

Q: When do Distance Education Classes begin?
A: LCCC's Distance Education courses follow the traditional semester calendar.

Q: Can I earn a degree just through Distance Education?
A: LCCC has several degree programs that you complete entirely by taking Distance Education courses. Plus, LCCC is adding even more classes and programs to our internet offerings. For additional information about programs, contact us at 1-800-377-5222 ext. 7559 or email us at

Q: Will my credits transfer/Are my Distance Education credits recognized by other schools?
A: Yes. There is no difference between Distance Education credits and traditional course credits. In fact, college transcripts show only the name of the course and do not designate traditional or Distance Education.

Q: How do I get to Learn?
A: Go to You DO NOT need to log into this Distance Education site to get to Learn. Simply type '' into your web browser's address bar.