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Is Distance Education Right for You?

Not everyone should take an online course. Online learners must be very motivated, self-directed and goal-oriented. You may be required to work alone from week to week, setting your own schedule to complete the work on time, or you may be given weekly assignments with specific due dates. Although online course are often more convenient and easier to fit in your schedule than a classroom course, students often find they spend more time doing work for an online course than they do for a classroom course.

Here is some information on what it takes to succeed in a Distance Education course:

Before you register for an online course, take these self-assessments to see if Distance Education is right for you:

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See what a typical online class may look like by following the instructions below. After logging in, check out Announcements, click on the course Online Learning 101 and simply follow the instructions. Don't forget to enter your comments in the Discussion Board when you are finished.

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