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Is Distance Education Right for You?

Not everyone should take an online course. Online learners must be very motivated, self-directed and goal-oriented. You may be required to work alone from week to week, setting your own schedule to complete the work on time, or you may be given weekly assignments with specific due dates. Although online course are often more convenient and easier to fit in your schedule than a classroom course, students often find they spend more time doing work for an online course than they do for a classroom course.

Here is some information on what it takes to succeed in a Distance Education course:

  • What is Distance Education?

  • Distance education is the form of education where teaching and learning that takes place with the teacher and learner separated during at least part or all of the instructional process. Although at different locations, both teacher and learner are connected and/or the course content is transmitted using some type of educational media which often allows for remote interaction. Face-to-face interaction may also be a part of the distance education process.

    LCCC Logo Bullet How are distance education courses different from regular classroom courses?
    There is basically no difference in curriculum other than the way the information is delivered. Time frames are very similar to the traditional classroom setting. Learning outcomes and course objectives are equal to traditional based education. No distinction is made on your college transcripts as whether the course is traditional or online. Students still have regular contact through email, telephone, or personal appointments with their instructors. Students may still receive books, study guides, or course handbook.

    Students across the nation who successfully complete distance education courses often say that Distance Education courses are equal to or more difficult than classroom-based courses. Students may need to invest the extra time and effort necessary to study independently through Internet programming and other instructional media to follow the class outline and timetable.

    LCCC Logo Bullet How can I determine if the different distance education courses are a good choice for me?
    Distance education students need to be self-directed and self-motivated in their approach to learning and possess effective study skills and habits. Prospective students considering enrollment in a distance education course are encouraged to use a short term assessment survey to see if they have the necessary academic characteristics to be successful distance learners.

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    As a student, you are encouraged to contact one of the instructors and talk directly about course expectations and your prospects for successful course completion.

  • How to be a Successful Online Student

Before you register for an online course, take these self-assessments to see if Distance Education is right for you: