LCCC AllOne Recovery Educational Institute

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Luzerne County Community College AllOne Recovery Educational Institute (AREI) provides innovative and holistic support for students in recovery to achieve their educational and career goals and sustain recovery.

Students who meet the state requirement, possess the vocational calling, and personal aptitude to serve in the recovery environment will be coached and supported to enter and complete the Human Services Diploma Specializing in Addition and Recovery pathway.

Certified Recovery Specialists are instrumental in providing the peer support necessary to foster the success of college students in recovery. Additionally, within the LCCC community, student clubs and student advocacy organizations will support awareness and participate in recovery efforts.

AREI will provide intensive support for students to succeed academically. These services will include:

  • Assessment and development of individualized academic, financial, and personal success plan
  • Assessment, planning and support for an individualized career goal leading to gainful employment
  • Connections to timely personalized information and services to sustain recovery and meet goals
  • Frequent and consistent contact with AREI team staff
  • Enrollment in learning communities with common classes during first year of college
  • Embedded and on-going academic support
  • Technology-mediated advising to build academic and career paths to completion
  • Provide students in recovery with coordinated social and financial support servicesbeyond individual student federal and state grants.
  • Drop-In child care
  • Child support and child care referrals
  • Emergency assistance
  • Language acquisition support
  • Food Bank
  • Free coats
  • Legal services
  • Free children's books
  • Career Link

Contact AREI
Phone: (570) 740-0406