Family Literacy Classes

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The Family Literacy Program is free to participants and is funded through the PA Department of Education, Division of Adult Education

About the Program The Family Literacy Program is state-funded and designed to provide education services to parents and children from birth through 3rd grade. The ALTA Family Literacy Program simultaneously provides parents with education that will increase their own literacy skills while equipping them to be effective as their children's first and most important teacher.

Participants are enrolled in four integrated components:

  1. Adult Education provides adult basic education, High School Equivalency/GED, or ESL instruction for parents or immediate family members of children between birth and 3rd grade. Parents benefit from a small classroom and individualized instruction.
  2. Parent Education integrates education focused on helping parents learn how to support their children's development and success in school, thus being a full partner in their children's education.
  3. Parent & Child Together (PACT) These are learning activities in which parents and children participate together to strengthen the family's bond and enhance the parent's role as their child's first and most important teacher.
  4. Early Childhood Education High-quality children's education is provided by partners such as Head Start or public elementary schools, and parents are assisted in selecting, enrolling and becoming active partners with their children's schools.

Q. How does Family Literacy work best?
A. Family Literacy works when at least one parent and one child (birth through third grade) participate in everyday learning opportunities that will inspire lifelong learning. Parents can attend classes at a variety of locations throughout Luzerne County. **

Q. What's unique about Family Literacy?
A. Family Literacy is a two generational approach to creating opportunities for, and addressing the needs of, children and adults together. Our services are focused on the whole family. We track outcomes for both children and adults simultaneously.

Learn More about the Two Generational Model (2GEN) from the Aspen Institute HERE

Q. Who would benefit from the Family Literacy Program?
A. In our program, parents and children are enlightened about the importance of families learning together. This demonstrates for children that learning together is valued in the family.

Below are some examples of how Family Literacy can benefit you and your child(ren):

  • Attaining a HS Equivalency or GED: Parents who want to complete their High School Equivalency or GED learn alongside their children who are getting ready for Kindergarten or success in grades 1 - 3.
  • Gaining Language Skills: Parents whose first language is something other than English, can practice reading and writing in English with their child. In some cases, the child may be the teacher and the parent is the student!
  • Making Connections: Family Literacy instructors and support staff help parents make the connection between what is being taught in their child's early learning programs and what they are learning in their adult education classes.
  • Experiencing Peer-to-Peer Encouragement: Parents are supported by their peers during discussions about how to help their children grow and succeed. They share ways to help their community and become a more active member in their children's education in and out of school.

For more information about the class times and locations as well as to set up an appointment for orientation please, contact 800-377-5222, ext 7325.